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Matador gored in the anus gives thumbs up and eyes return to the ring

When Matador Antonio Romero was impaled on a bull’s horn at a bullfight in Mexico City, we all winced. The bull’s horn went straight up Romero’s backside. News emerging from Mexico is that Matador Romero’s anus is “completely destroyed”.


thumbs up bullfighter anus

See you in the ring


Does it hurt? Only when he laughs – the Press is having no little sport with Antonio’s destroyed anus. The Mail says he’s looking forward to “getting back into the ring”. No. Not the bull. Antonio.

“BULLSEYE,” cheers the Daily Star alongside a photo of Matador Romero becoming a novelty horn ornament. “A bull sticks its horn right up matador Antonio Romero’s backside.”

But the matador’s on the mend. “I have faith and hope to feel again and show that I want to be someone important in the Fiesta Brava,” Antonio tells the Daily Star.

Right now, though, Antonio is like so many bulls bred for bullfighting: he’s well-and truly f*****.


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Pictures of Peru’s Huanuco bullfighting festival

BULLFIGHTING is popular in Peru. These photos are from the Yawar Toro center, taken during a festival on the outskirts of Lima, Peru on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012. The festival was organized by people from the town of Huanuco to celebrate their native customs, in the arts of culinary, dance and music. People from Peru’s Andean highlands who have emigrated for decades to the capital in search for opportunities, organize fairs on various dates in honor of their various patron saints, to celebrate the anniversaries of their communities or to celebrate their native customs.

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Raton The Bull Kills Three: Newcastle United Allow Joey Barton To Smoke Cigars During Matches

RATON the bull has now killed three men in Spain. The Guardian reports that death is good for business. It’s bullish (geddit?!)

Because of the animal’s reputation, his owners reportedly earn €10,000 (£8,750) each time it appears at a festival.

“He’s the one that gets the highest prices,” owner Gregorio de Jesus said of Raton. “But still he works out the cheapest because wherever he goes organizers double the ticket price.”

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Bull Jumps Fence And Charges At Man In Red T-Shirt

BULL runs into crowd a bullfighting event. Look how he goes for the man in the red T-shirt.

No. It’s not the colour the bull dislikes. tis; the logo. Bulls hate Chicago…

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