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Man puts live eel up his bum, with predictable results

eel bum

WE’VE all read the stories about bizarre sex, like the guy in Spain who got killed by a rockslide while forcing himself onto a chicken, or indeed, the vicar who was hanging some curtains up and ‘fell on a potato’ so hard it got stuck up his bum.

Well, we’ve got another strange tale for you, this time, involving a live eel.

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Posted: 10th, April 2013 | In: Strange But True | Comments (2)

Guards find phone after prisoner’s anus starts ringing

CRIMINALS can be wily, smart and cunning… but for the most part, they’re very, very thick. We’ve all seen the footage of various burglars making berks of themselves on CCTV, failing to kick doors in and wearing mop buckets on their heads.

Well, one ne’er-do-well takes the biscuit after his arse starting ringing while in the clink.

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Kim Kardashian Would Like You To Glare At The Insides Of Her Bum Please

HAVE you heard the one… well, two about Kim Kardashian having implants in her buttocks to make it more, y’know, buttocky? That’s the rumour that has dogged Kim K for years now, and so, to prove she’s in possession of a completely real arse, she’s x-rayed it and shared it with the world.

As a dare from her sisters Khloe and Kourtney (who, collectively, are less famous that the very arse-cheeks they were displaying to the world) the soon-to-married star of no fixed talent got someone to photograph the inside of her backside in an attempt prove people who don’t believe in Kim’s bum wrong.

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The Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield Endorses Your Bum Crack

INTRODUCING the “Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield”, a sticker that prevents your bum crack from being visible over the top of your jeans. Now your arse crack can be endorsed. Fashionistas will love the sticker that costs just 11 euros. Cover your slit in glory. Or why not make your own with forgetfully dabbed hunk of toilet paper?

The Most Disgusting Tattoos (NSFW)
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Tattoos: The Misspelled Ones

Spotter: Popbitch

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