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A wonderful history of German football clubs in Europe: 1960 til now

THE Germans are coming (again)

German football didn’t turn professional until the mid-sixties, but by that time the (West Germany) national team had already won the World Cup, and one of their clubs had reached the final of the European Champions Cup.


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Bundesliga Fashions From The 1970s

IT’S football fashion from the 70s. It’s German football fashion from the 1970s.

Is it meant to be funny? No-one is laughing. No one dares. These are hardcore German hooligans warming up for the Munich World Cup of 1972.

Look out for Peter Withe in pre-Villa days as a Bayern Munich Ultra:

Via BoingBoing and Neatorama

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German ref perfects the double booking

Two yellow cards in one awesomely officious gesture? Check. German efficiency? You betcha…

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