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Burgess Hill: where ambulances come from other planets (video)

TO Burgess Hill, where the local ambulance is communicating with creatures from other planets, namely The Clangers (bit NSFW):

Shameless nostalgia time:

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Posted: 19th, June 2012 | In: TV & Radio | Comment

West Sussex Woman Finds Orange Alien Hiding In Carrot Patch: Photos

LOCAL news Story of the Day takes us to Brighton, where the The Argus features “green-fingered” Yvonne Darnell holding an “alien baby: – the one she found disguised as a carrot in her garden

Says Darnell, of far out Burgess Hill:

“I couldn’t believe it. It’s so funny. I saw it and thought, ‘It looks like an alien baby’. I showed my friends and clients at work and they said I should call The Argus. I’ve called it Kevin.”

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Posted: 1st, September 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment (1)