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Interview With Cross-Dressing Cage Fighters Who Beat Up Swansea Yobs

cage-fighters-swanseaREMEMBER when Katie’s Price’s Dean Gaffney look-alike  Alex Reid was the only cross-dressing cage fighter whose name you knew? Well, meet Daniel Lerwell and James Lilley, of Swansea, are the stars of the video of two transvestites on a stag do beating up local yobs, Dean Jonathan Gardner and Jason Andrew Fender.

“They picked the wrong guys,” says ‘Lion Heart’ Lerwell, of the Swansea Predators cage fighting team from Mount Pleasant.

“Lights Out” Lilley and “Lion Heart” Lerwell, were on their way for tea with around 10 other cage fighters in a nightclub when they were picked on.

Says Ms Lerwell:

“I saw these boys go up to James and start calling him names, and then he was hit. I was shocked at first, and thought who are these pansies? But I wasn’t really thinking, it was just instinct really.”

Mrs Lilley:

“It’s just a shame that people like that spoil things for everyone. A few of the boys were going out for a night and just thought we would do something different which was why were in drag.”

Cage fighters use ‘drag’ to escape the masculine constraints of working in bikini briefs and knee boots.

See the video here…

Posted: 8th, October 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment