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Cailtin Moran and me – The Times interviews its star columnist

CAITLIN Moran is the British Press Awards Critic of the Year, Columnist of The Year and Interviewer of the Year. But to prove that Moran is the Times star, the paper gets Valerie Grove to interview the “gobby teenager” she discovered. The Daily Mirror waited until its columnist Sue Carroll had died before giving her a front-page story. Calltin Moran is in rude health

Valerie Grove writes:

I am awash with pride. Caitlin Moran is my protégée, my discovery. I presented her with her first award for writing, in October 1988.

She was a podgy little girl of 13, with a clear-eyed and candid gaze, and her name was Catherine, not Caitlin, but everyone called her Tatty. She’d come from Wolverhampton with her rock-musician dad because she’d won £250 of book tokens in a Dillons young readers’ contest, for an essay on Why I Like Books. It was the first time she had been to London, the first time she’d been on a train.

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