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Massive gorilla spotted in Witchford, Cambridgeshire

WHO dumped the 12ft gorilla statue on a bridleway in Witchford, Cambridgeshire?

Says enforcement officer Mark Mehaffey:

“Although not in the best of condition, the ape clearly came from somewhere so we are keen to hear from anyone who has any information about how the animal got there or knows who owned it.”

Leave it there. Statues are all the rage. The big gorilla puts Witchford on the map, just as the big mattres might do for the back of the Aldi shop in Boscombe…

Posted: 5th, March 2012 | In: Strange But True | Comment

Anyone Seen A Helium Filled Is Land Last Seen Floating Over Cambridgeshire?

HAS anyone spotted the £9,000 helium-filled sculpture of a desert island floating in the summer breeze somewhere between Cambridgeshire and the Czech Republic?
The finale of the Secret Garden Party was to feature Sarah Cockings art work  Is Land flowing into the skies.
But it never happened. Two “vandals” requisitioned a dinghy, rowed out into a lake and cut the cables. The sculpture floated off.

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Posted: 5th, August 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment