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Rabbit tennis: Lycra suits are designed to give racing camels the edge

“The full body suit can help racing camels run faster, while the cream of the species entered into camel beauty contests will have the ability to stand taller after using the suit,” says Abu Dhabi’s Al Shibla Middle East.
The mission statement from the company retailing its full lycra camel suits to the camel racing community is worth repeating:
Sportswear and equipment is a booming business. Everywhere we look we can see people in tracksuits, swimwear, football kits and jogging shorts-we are told to use the proper attire or else we risk injury, inefficiency or even disqualification. The development of ever more impressive technologies to help advance this market is relentless, and the enterprise is rapidly expanding. But why should this be limited to humans?
Rabbit tennis?

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Camel Racing Robots Use Stun Guns To Make Steeds Go Faster

NEWS is that camel racing “has been thrown into disrepute”. So writes Richard Spencer from Dubai.

Did it ever have repute? Was camel racing ever a reputable sport? It’s not exactly darts, is it?

News is that the camels are bring whipped with electric stun-guns to make them run faster.

And then the story just gets better:

These were then being fitted inside the robot jockeys, which cost between £130-£200, that in recent years have largely replaced child jockeys…

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Posted: 21st, January 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment (1)