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Digital Cameras Are Just So Confusing

DIGITAL: Cameras are so confusing. This modern cameras is better:



Spotter: Little Brown Miscellanea.

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21 vintage camera adverts for your inner voyeur

BEFORE the age of digital cameras in everything, buying a snapper was a call to loins. Men needed cameras for one reason: to record women (and in one instance below, other men). We’ve compiled 21 great images of what photography looked like before self shots and the internet.

Michael Landon did it was “flash”. The star of Little House on the Prairie was the wholesome and good Charles Ingalls, creating a myriad children from God’s will and hearty woodland walks. Then in the 1980s he got a Kodak Ektralite camera and went to film girls in their swimmers doing onto varnished hardwood flooring.

vintage camera ads 24

Going Beyond subtle.

vintage camera ads 23

Whipped hair and soup strainer, Tamon man was a serious photographer. The Playgirl ideal never smiled.

vintage camera ads 22

She’s looking at you. He’s looking to steal her necklace.

 vintage camera ads 20

The name’s Bond. Basildon Bond. So shoot me!

vintage camera ads 18

Why flash at the beach? Because with brilliant light you can see through her swimsuit, that’s why. And you live in Bridlington.

avintage camera ads 17

It’s 1932. Women are free to watch.

vintage camera ads 16

The XL Addict has a raincoat and bins. He is a “man on the move”. He;’s looking at your “money maker”. He is the man your mother warned you about.

vintage camera ads 15

Five reasons. One… two… three… (or are they a pair?)… four…

vintage camera ads 14

Get a grip

vintage camera ads 13

An eyefull. Shoot.

vintage camera ads 12

Romance lives in upskirt shots.

vintage camera ads 11

Your Kodak dealer has lots of photos. You just need to aks the right questions.

vintage camera ads 10

That sort of man. And it’s not “small”, ok.

vintage camera ads 9

Also cooks, cleans, communicates with Mars and deflects Russian atom bombs. The camera is merely huge.

vintage camera ads 8

The man on the floor is a keen observer of the human condition.

vintage camera ads 7

The Nikkormat FTN is “bait”. Be the master of bait…

 vintage camera ads 5

See that girl in the distance? Now take a look through a Soligor 80-200. Yeah, she’s that close.

vintage camera ads 4

Camera woman wears ideal photography kit.

vintage camera ads 3

It’s just like being there.

vintage camera ads 2

With the Vivitar Super 8 women are easy meat.

vintage camera ads 1


vintage camera ads

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Austria For Green Shirts, Black Shirts And Brown Shirts

IN Austria, the neo-Nazis are on the march.

If the fascists at the Freedom Party (Freedom from anything not like us – 18%), fascists at BZO (Alliance for the Future of Austria – 11%) and the fascists at the Green Party (the Green Shirts – 9.8) collaborated, they could form a minority Government.

Then we could install cameras, seal Austria and watch the experiment unfold…

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