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Campus censorship and feminism: Oregon students banned from college for resembling classmate’s rapist

Oregon campus rape crime


Katherine Timpf reports a story that is so ludicrous we thought Chris Morris had written it. The headline suggests that what follows is the work of a parodist:

Harvard Law Prof: Student Banned from Areas of Campus for Resembling Classmate’s Rapist

Harvard Law professor Janet Halley writes in the Harvard Law Review that she “recently assisted” a student who had been “ordered to stay away from a fellow student (cutting him off from his housing, his campus job, and educational opportunity) — all because he reminded her of the man who had raped her months before and thousands of miles away.”

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Is Your Experience Of Sexual Assault Valid if it’s for art? Best ask Paul Nungesser

Emma Gray clears up the debte over rape in “How To Tell If Your Experience Of Sexual Assault Is Valid In One Chart”.

This is it. The title asks:  “Is Your Expeience Of Sexual Assault Valid?”


rape chart



See anything unusual about that chart?

Dalrock has looked at it:

According to the flow chart there is no scenario where after being accused a man should no longer be presumed guilty.  Once the accusation is made the man is presumed guilty, and nothing the accuser does or says should undermine that assumption

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Ban Yik Yak: ‘We must indoctrinate a captive audience to particular controversial viewpoints’

Der Unterrichter (The Teacher), c. 1980 (drawing for Rigor Mortis, published in 1983 by Diogenes Verlag AG, Zürich)

Der Unterrichter (The Teacher), c. 1980 (drawing for Rigor Mortis, published in 1983 by Diogenes Verlag AG, Zürich)


“When Yik Yak was created it was intended to give everyone an equal voice.  No one user would have an advantage over another based on followers or popularity and post,” so says the website for Yik Yak, a new app. where users can post anonymously.

The Badger Herald reports:

While Yik Yak activity at the University of Wisconsin has not become troublesome enough to warrant any response from officials, it is not the case at other institutions such as Clemson University, where, in response to concerns over racial insensitivity, the administration is considering a ban on the app, according to The Tiger News, Clemson’s student newspaper.

What are they saying?:

“I feel like it is really an outlet for people in the sorority system to make themselves feel better about what sorority they are in by putting down other ones,” she said. “It was very disheartening. We’d go to chapter and hear girls talking about what people said [about us on Yik Yak].”

She said the anonymity of the app caused people to write comments that are far more offensive than on other sites. “No one would ever tweet out or Facebook post the stuff they said on Yik Yak,” she said.

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Jackie’s story: the rape and the rape apology that weren’t

Ashe Schow looks at the camp0us sexual assault that got everyone talking:

The story did not turn out to be as advertised. Jackie, who told Rolling Stone she had a date the night she was allegedly gang raped, made up the story about the man who supposedly took her to the frat party — even creating fake cellphone numbers and sending her friends pictures of an old high school classmate, according to three friends who said they rushed to her aid the night of the alleged attack. That night, her friends recalled, Jackie said she had been forced to perform oral sex on a group of five men. By the time the story made it into Rolling Stone, she claimed she had been gang-raped by seven men.

Activists quickly tried to shift the narrative, claiming that the accuracy of Jackie’s story didn’t matter and that sexual assault really was as big a problem as they insisted. Anyone who disagreed was called a “rape apologist.”

Then came another blow: The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report showing that one in 41 women were raped or sexually assaulted while attending college, not one in five. Everyone agrees that one is too many, but some also believe that one false accusation is too many as well. Others do not, claiming that false accusations are rare (based on decades old studies or anecdotes that don’t take into account what is now being considered sexual assault). The implication being that the falsely accused don’t matter.

So, what does this mean for 2015? Next year the focus probably will continue to be on due process rights for the accused, especially given the growing number of lawsuits against universities by accused students that could move forward or be settled. And with more people realizing just how damaging the responses have been to the mythical statistic that 20 percent of women will be raped during their college years, policies may change.

Truth is the first victim of an agenda…

Cathy Young:

“The Rolling Stone account of a horrific fraternity gang rape at the University of Virginia, which many advocates saw as a possible ‘tipping point’—a shocking wake-up call demonstrating that even the most brutal sexual assaults on our college campuses are tacitly tolerated—has unraveled to the point where only a true believer would object to calling it a rape hoax. . . . It also looks like Jackie made up both ‘Haven’ and the sexual assault he supposedly engineered in an attempt to get the romantic attention of Ryan Duffin, one of the friends she called for help that night. Tellingly, her lawyer has not commented on these revelations…

So. It was a man’s fault…

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