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The Indiana Jones Nazi face-melting candle is here

SS Schweinhund Arnold Ernst Toht


Relive the magic of Raiders of the Lost Ark by setting fire to SS Schweinhund Arnold Ernst Toht. Watch his face melt, just like in the movie. Gestapo agent?


SS Schweinhund Arnold Ernst Toht


Melting Toht is from Firebox.

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Buy This Wonderful Raiders Of The Lost Ark Face Melting Candle

Nazi face candle

Here’s a noveltt item to reallt set the pulses racing: a Raiders of The Lost Ark candle. It’s modelled on Major Arnold Toht, the Nazi whose face melts when the magic chest is opened.

Firebox says:

 “Thankfully it melts a lot slower than his face does in the film.”

Nazi face candle 1

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Scare Story Of The Day: Why Smoking Candles Is Bad For You (A Daily Mail Shocker)

SCARE Story of The Day is provided by the Daily Mail’s Peta Bee, who asks readers:

“Could scented candles kill you? They’re many women’s favourite indulgence – but their fumes are as toxic as cigarettes.”

Who does Peta B (P-to-B?) think women enjoy scanted candles – during a post-coital recline? On the way how from the school run? In a pack of twenty on a night out?

Reading on we are told:

Few homes are without the wafting perfume of a scented candle from time to time. We light them to infuse a room with fragrance, to add a romantic ambiance to a meal and to make bathtimes more luxurious.

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