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Farewell Cruel World: The Search For The Perfect Iceberg

DEAR Anorak, How do I save the world? Here’s how:

Follow the Cape Farewell expedition to the Arctic, the frontline of climate change, with over 40 artists, scientists and musicians onboard including Jarvis Cocker.

It’s great. Here’s intrepid global warming explorer Francesca Galeazzi on “The search for the perfect iceberg”.

Yesterday for me was a roller-coaster of emotions: determination and failure, hope and fear, anticipation and disappointment.

We could cry but our tears would turn to ice…

One of my projects on board consisted of an artistic response to the melting and retreat of glaciers as result of climate change.


My response was to place a park bench on a newly formed iceberg or floating ice-shelf off the fast-moving coast of West Greenland. A bench which, in its fragility and remoteness, becomes a silent witness of the dramatic changes that are occurring in the Arctic. A bench with nobody to sit on.

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Posted: 6th, October 2008 | In: Celebrities | Comments (4)