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Tabloid caption of the day: Chris Martin ‘craves pancakes’

Uncoupled former Mr Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin, appears topless in the Daily Mail. Like no-one we’ve ever met, the Mail wonders why Chris – 38, rich, lots of free time, pop star – is not fat and pictured eating an Iceland ready-meal. The Mail reports that that Chris doesn’t eat food on one day every week. He does eat Iceland frozen desserts – by the truckload – but only for six days each week. On the 7th day, the rock god rests. But the best bit about this story is how the Mail describes Martin, the internationally acclaimed musician.


paltrow pancakes



“Craves pancakes: Chris Martin, 38”


chris martin



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Indian mum says ‘no acid until you’ve cleaned your room’

TO India, where the dancing boy (?) is being told by his mother: “No acid until you’ve cleaned your room.” Then it’s child for himself:

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TV caption: laptops and bong waster do no mix

TV caption of the day. So. Which of you two had the laptop..?

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Photo of huge fireball spotted over Norwich

A HUGE fireball has been spotted over Norwich. Did you see it? The Norwich Evening News might have done. It might also have produced the best picture caption of the year:



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TV Caption of the year: Blessed are the fat

CAPTION of the year: fat women can’t run:

More great captions here.

Spotter: Mr Man

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That Hickey Came From The Dog I Didn’t Cheat: The Greatest TV Caption Ever

THE THAT Hickey Came From The Dog I Didn’t Cheat: The Greatest TV Caption Ever….

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TV Caption Of The Day: Michael’s Unexplained Tooth

CAPTION of the day introduce us to the woman who “found a tooth in her house that Michael can’t explain”…

Home Destroys Fire And Other Breaking News

Some more to enjoy:


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Newspaper Caption Of The Week

A FIRE in Hampton, New Hampshire give us our caption of the week

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Caption Contest

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Caption This

Spotter: Lone Pigeon

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