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Roberto Mancini’s Taxi For Manchester United Presents The Top 10 Premier League Boxing Day Photos

MANCHESTER City manager Roberto Mancini gestures on the touchline…for a taxi. How long will Mancini be in Premier League Manchester? Well, that depends how soon Man United want him. No, only joking. It depends when the City owners finally get the man they really want: Terry Venables. Jose Mourinho. Arsene Wenger. Alf Ramsay. Why not just hire all the world’s top managers and give them each a week? Best hair gets the job. The Boxing Day fixtures saw goals by West Ham United’s Alessandro Diamanti, Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti continue his impression of a man being sick in his mouth, and Liverpool being lucky. The top 10 pictures of the day:


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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini gestures on the touchline

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Rafa Benitez And Liverpool FC Present Strictly Come Dancing

RAFA Benitez and Liverpool football club present Strictly Come Dancing – Anorak’s look at manager’s moving in the Premier League, with Sam Aladyce (Blackburn Ballroomers), Harry Redknapp (Tottenham Hotsteps), Carlo Ancelotti (Chelse Cha-Chas) and Phil Brown (Hull Hoofers)…

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Robert Plant Introduces Today’s Premier League Photos

7709307ON the opening day of the Premier League season Robert Plant is being made a vice president of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Yeah, vice president, another Americanism that has crept into British football.

This is Robert Plant CBE, Current Best Employee, or whatever that acronym now means…

It turns out that Wolves should have played Plant up front, in defence – hell, anywhere he liked. He’s the VeePee, dude…

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