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Sun’s Steve Howard Overlooks Paul Scholes’ Refusal To Play For Manchester United To Slam Tevez And Man City

BENEATH the teaser “Steven Howard: Carlos Tevez couldn’t have treated Man Utd like he has City”, the Sun’s Steve Howard writes:

CARLOS TEVEZ has treated Manchester City with contempt for one very good reason. Because he believed he could.

Also because, despite all the badge-kissing, he’s never really felt anything for the club. Certainly, he never refused to play for Manchester United — even at the end when he was clearly unhappy.
In fact, he used to scurry round the pitch even faster to show interested clubs exactly what a great team player he was.

How he fooled us all. And he never took on Alex Ferguson the way he has Roberto Mancini. Even Tevez, epitome of the dangerous power afforded the modern-day footballer, was wise enough to realise Ferguson’s untouchable position at the club meant there would only be one winner. The difference between United and City is in the way they are perceived by the men who play for them.

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Harry Redknapp Says Spurs Luka Modric Is An Insult To All Young Footballers (And So Is Carlos Tevez)?

HARRY Redknapp offers a few thoughts on Carlos Tevez’s refusal to play for Manchester City:

“What message does that send out to young footballers? If on Sunday morning an under-10’s team manager wants to put a sub on and he stands there saying: ‘I ain’t going on’. It can’t be right.”

You may recall that Luka Modric, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur – the club Redknapp manages – reportedly declined an offer to play for the club against Manchester United. Modric was, as media reported at the time agitating for a move to Chelsea.

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Carlos Tevez Is Heading To Spurs: Manchester City Begin Desperate Search For New Rich Brat

CARLOS Tevez, Manchester City’s £200,000-a-week striker, explains why he didn’t play against Bayern Munich as a substitute:

“This is not the right time to go into specific details as to why this did not happen but I wish to state I never refused to play. There was some confusion on the bench and I believe my position was misunderstood.”

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Carlos Tevez Can’t See The Sea In Manchester City

CAN Manchester City star Carlos Tevez’s words be adapted, mistranslated and corrupted to tells a story that Manchester is crap and he will never return? Yes.

The Sunday Mirror gave us the headline:

Tevez: I’m never going back to Manchester

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Mikaela Lera: Photos Of Man City Star Carlos Tevez’s ‘Intimate’ Lover

MIKAELA Lera is the Italaian who claims she’s been shagging married Manchester City football Carlos Tevez. The NoTW says Tevez is estranged from his wife Vanesa and dating an actress called Brenda Asnicar.

Says Lera, who met Tevez at a bar in Manchester – he offers no response to the allegation:

“But then he asked me to go back to his house. He said we didn’t have to have sex – we could just watch TV.”

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Man City’s Carlos Tevez Wears Man United Rio Ferdinand As A Hand Puppet: Photos

MANCHESTER City versus Manchester United produced a dull 0-0 draw in the Premier League. But the game conjured up a photo that will linger long in the memory and Manchester folklore: Carlos Tevez appeared to be trying to wear Rio Ferdinand as a glove puppet…

Flick through the images quickly for an animated result:


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Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand (left) and Manchester City's Carlos Tevez (right)

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Soccersexual Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hotel Date Tells All

ronaldo-sexTHE British media’s fascination with Cristiano Ronaldo shows no sign of abating as the Sun features “TWO girls” who “dirty danced” for the Real Madrid w*nker.

ALLISON AIMEE, 26, and SUZANNE COPPIN, 32, flirted with the footie ace in his hotel bar.

They then went back to his room — and left at 4am as he was snogging a THIRD girl on the sofa.

So rather than talking with the thirtysomething who now carries a trophy-sized smudge of Touche Eclat on her top lip, the Sun cops an eyeful of Allison on LA’s Venice Beach, who opines:

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