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Carly Zucker Is Not A Footballer’s Wife

3755442“CARLY Zucker isn’t most people’s idea of a footballers wife.” So says the Mirror, which spots Zucker, she of the reality TV show and celebrity magazine wedding, now seen showing off her cleavage for a tabloid newspaper article.

Carly Zucker is not most people’s idea of a footballer’s wife – if most people get their ideas of footballer’s wives from reading backcopies of Shoot! football magazine in which footballers always drive Ford Capris, have bubble perms and wives called Ann, who used to be a nurse.

The Mirror is adamant that Zucker is different:

She doesn’t have the bleached blonde mane, false nails and fake tan.

No, the tan looks real enough. This is Zucker who told us:

I still live a very practical life. If I want something nice like a piece of jewellery I’ll wait and ask for it for my birthday.”

And who now tell us:

Things weren’t just handed to me, I had to work for them or wait for a birthday.

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Posted: 22nd, August 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment