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The Dumbest Beauty Pageant Answers Ever

beauty-dumbTHE question and answer session is the key moment in the beauty pageant, when the hopeful stops shaking her chest and waggling her backside to flex her mind.

Anorak brings you the Greatest Beauty Pageant Answers Ever. And – remember – no-one likes you if you are cute and smart. Maybe this article shold be entitled The Smartest Beauty Pageant Answers Ever?

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Carrie Prejean Sex Tape Is Not Underage Porn, Expect To See It Soon

sex-tape2RELUCTANT porn star Carrie Prejean’s solo sex tape may soon see the light of day. The “racy” tape was thought to have been shelved by TMZ because it featured an underage Prejean. But now it turns out that Carrie was, reportedly, old enough to make it legit. Our Man in LA looks on:

UH-oh… Bad news for former Miss California Carrie Prejean.

Seems she may have been mistaken about how old she was when she did a solo sex tape which she later sent to her boyfriend.

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Katie Price’s Burning Sensation X Factor Presents The Week In Pictures

pa-7994859WHAT a week that was, folks. We saw Gary Glitter’s Halloween costume, a man was beaten to death on the telly for our entertainment, The Cheeky Girls encouraged thoughts of them mating with X Factor’s Jedward and creating a new breed of horror, Madonna sanitized Africa, police arrested West Ham, Stephen Fry fans pretending to be actors, had a strop on Twitter, X Factor agonist Danyl Johnson was beaten by Hitler, giving us another reason to hate Danyl with a Y, Marlon King was branded a typical footballer, you got to cover your cat’s anus with a glitter ball, Muslims laughed at Muslims, Ollie Murs reminded us of them, Iggy Pop, Muhammad reminded us of corduroy bodysuits, starred in a film as John Travolta, we blamed the Muslims for Madeleine McCann, Al Gore became a God, Daily Mail readers came out in favour of Sharia LawNazis and , we learnt that a virus can wear bovver boots, was burnt as a bitch, Katie PriceSusan Boyle was our transsexual Jesus, Lindsay Lohan died, almost, Ringo Starr became something funny in the water, we saw the Carrie Prejean sex tape, Katie and Peter got back together, we enjoyed blood porn, Sharon Osbourne presented her hairy arsehole, Jedward reviewed their novelty record collection, Elizabeth LambertBeyonce made us watch women’s football- and it was good, showed us her knickers and Nidal Malik Hasan became a victim as he murdered 13 people.

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Carrie Prejean Sex Tape: Get The Picture

carrie-prejean-miss-lajollaCARRIE Prejean, the sacked Miss California who dared to agree with Barack Obama on gay rights, and was duly threatened with violence by celebrity blogger gone native Perez Hilton, has followed her mucky pictures – shocker: model wears underwear in pictures! – with a sex tape.

When sacked from her job as representing Miss California in a bikini – those dirty, dirty, photos – she sued the Miss California organization for libel and religious discrimination. Miss California USA counter-sued, saying that Prejean never repaid a loan she received for breast implants. (She can enter the Miss Plastic surgery GP).

Now the sex tape leaks, or threatens to. The web goes wild. First up is TMZ, which tells us:

Carrie Prejean demanded more than a million dollars during her settlement negotiations with Miss California USA Pageant officials – that is, until the lawyer for the Pageant showed Carrie an XXX home video of her handiwork.

That’s a pun. Prejean is a practicing Christian, which means her religion can be used against her. Prejean was suing the pageant organisers for slander, libel and “religious discrimination”

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Save Perez: Perez Hilton Is Scientology’s ‘Latest Victim’

scientologyCELEBRITY blogger gone native Perez Hilton (and family) is introducing his readers to the wonders of Scientology.

Anorak’s Man in the ratsnest tells us:

“Notice the text on pink background below, sandwiched between badly written blog stories?

“That’s not just an informational blurb about the Church of Scientology – it’s space bought & paid for by the church. And who’s the recipient of those Scientology dollars? Perez Hilton.”

Nothing wrong with anything about that. You can support what you like on your own blog. But Perez Hilton seems a little confused about what his views on Scientology are. He likes their money – unless he’s posting the ads for free? – but doesn’t seem to much like them:

On the matter of John Travolta’s son Jett’s death:

This must have been a very difficult day for the star, but we wonder if there will be any backlash from the Scientology community, where discussion of developmental disorders is a big no-no.

The weird Katie Holmes:

Look at Tom’s intense gaze! Well, the couple that jogs together…loves Xenu together?

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Carrie Prejean Sacked: California Made Whole Again

CARRIE Prejean the woman who agreed with Barack Obama’s views on gay marriage and attracted celebrity watcher gone native Perez Hilton to cry “Intolerance vill not be tolerated!” has lost her Miss California USA crown.

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Perez Hilton Cannot Be Satirized

perez-hilton-prejeanPEREZ Hilton, the celebrity blogger gone native, says the National Organization for Marriage’s video featuring his words on pneumatic Miss California Carrie Prejean is a breach of copyright.

To recap: Prejean voiced a belief in marriage being boy-girl, and in a triumph for free speech Hilton called her a bitch and threatened to mug her.

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Carrie Prejean Stars In Anti-Gay Marriage Advert: Video

carrie-prejean2REMEMBER when a beauty queen talking politics was all the more reason to appreciate her in evening gown and bikini attire?

Now beauty queen’s like Miss California USA Carrie Prejean are not only listened to but placed in the context of a wider political agenda.

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