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The Casey Johnson Sex Tape, Not Starring Lindsay Lohan

courtenaysemel-stunningCASEY Johnson is dead. And her comes her posthumous sex tape. No, it don’t star Tila Tequila, the one woman content factory. It stars Johnson’s ex, the Sado (Sons and daughters of…) Courtenay Semel (daddy Terry is chairman of Yahoo!), once billed in the NoTW as a “stunning brunette” (see picture) who partook of “covert gay experiments” with Lindsay Lohan.

Now Semel wants to let you know about a sex tape.

“It was either listen to our families and do what they say to get our lives back, or do it ourselves and sell this tape, work on our show. That was kind of our plan.”

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Tila Tequila Says She Knows Who ‘Killed’ Casey Johnson

tila_tequila7CASEY Johnson is dead. Her death not only gave us the first Twitter Coma but introduced one woman content factory Tila Tequila to the great unwashed. It also pricked our memories of Simon Cowell’s old associate and reality telly fodder Jasmine Lennard.

Tila Tequila (NSFW)

Tila was scheduled to appear on Larry King Live. but before doing so, Lennard issued a legal letter warning the show against Tila using it “as a platform to make further false and defamatory allegations” about her.

Casey Johnson

The lawyer says, among other things, Tila better not allege Jasmine has a criminal record or outstanding warrant, that Jasmine broke into Tila’s home, that Jasmine is a prostitute, and that Jasmine is pregnant or has ever been pregnant.

By coincidence, the interview is scrapped.

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Casey Johnson’s Tweet Death: Tila Tequila’s Sexy Widow’s Weeds, Pictures

Tila TequilaCASEY Johnson is dead and Tila Tequila (born Tila Nguyen) becomes a star. Anorak’s Man in LA tells us:

Tila Tequila (NSFW)

Tila Tequila’s been tweeting about her grief over the loss of her “wifey” Casey Johnson for days now.

Casey Johnson In Pictures

And earlier today, she complained about the paparazzi staking out her house.

Then three hours later, she complained on Twitter that those annoying celebrity photographers had just left.

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The Death Of Casey Johnson In Adverts, Tequila, Pictures And Tweets

tila-tequilaCASEY Johnson has died and her former lover Tila Tequila, a reality TV star, having twittered her lover’s  coma now uses her Twitter page to share her private moments with the dead soclaite. No, it’s not a sex tape. It’s a prank, a joke Tila played on Johnson a few days before the young woman died.

Casey Johnson In Pictures

There is nothing poignant about any of this. This is not ululating or sobbing. Loss affects us all differently, but pushing videos of the one you loved smacks of tackiness and a desperate need to be seen. Yes, the video was puiblished before Johsnson died, but Tequila has linked to it since. She’s also using her Twitter page to plug her gossip blog. Look not at the dead young woman. Look at me. Look! Look! Look! So we look. And we see nothing.

Casey Johnson In Pictures

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Casey Johnson ‘Dead’ Lesbian Photos: Gayness Kills

CASEY Johnson, heir of baby powder and more of Johnson & Johnson is dead (pictures) at a too young age. Sad news. As MacGuffin notes: “When Brittany Murphy died, the Mail never ran a single headline along the lines of ‘Straight actress found dead in her home at 32’.” But the Mail gives us this about Johnson being a dead lesbian. Wonder if Mail hack Jan Moir thinks the death “unnatural”? When gayness kills:

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