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Can you pay your bill with pennies?

YOU cannot pay your bills with pennies. Well, actually you can, but you can’t insist on doing so. The original story in the Mail:

A disgruntled client who paid a bill with £800 of loose change after a row with his accountant has been ordered to pay his debt ‘properly’ by a court judge.

And then the cock up The Guardian made of it:

A care home manager has been fined £1,118.62 after he settled an £804 debt to his accountant with five crates of mostly 1p and 2p coins. He had been to the bank especially, he said: be glad that you weren’t behind him in the queue. So what did Robert Fitzpatrick, the care home manager, do wrong?

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The New £50 Note Is An Object Of Desire

HAVE any of you been fed a new £50 note? Right now, only four cash machines in the UK hold the note. Can you guess where they are? Hull? No? Tony Blair”s wallet? Could be. The City of London? Yes!




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East London Cash Machines Get Regional Dialects

7740199ON Commercial Street, close to gentrified Spitalfields Market in east London, bankers at the cash machine can withdraw their money guided by Cockney rhyming slang.

The typical tourist or marketing professional using the machine will feel quite the little pencil squeezer as he takes hold of his Ayrton.

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