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Faces of the Day: Tabatha Bundesen And Her Cat Tardar Sauce, Aka Grumpy Cat

FACES of the day:

Tabatha Bundesen and her cat, Grumpy Cat,whose real name is Tardar Sauce, pose for a photograph on Friday April 4, 2014 in New York. Bundesen says that Grumpy Cat’s permanently grumpy-looking face is due to feline dwarfism.


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The Most Accurate Toy Representation Of A Real Cat Ever

THIS is the most accurate toy representation of a real cat ever:


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Princeton Student Kiki Lin Screws Her Eponymous Cat Into A Jar

cat jar


THE Mary Bale Fan Club welcomes Taiwanese-born Princeton student Kiki Lin who stuffed her cat – also called Kiki Lin – into a jar before closing the lid. This was not a magic trick. This was not an existential experiment, nor one in the eye for Erwin Schrödinger. This was punishment for the cat’s alleged naughtiness.

Lin then took photos of her cat in the jar and posted them on the web.

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John Reed’s Automated Cat Petting Machine

THE Automated Cat Petting Machine is a real thing. No. It’s not RoboSpinster. It’s John Reed’s work for his senior thesis film at Tyler in 1987. As he says, “The Cat Petter turned out to be far more interesting than the film”. Our tip would be to rename it the BBC DJ Recruiter and call the cops on the old stroker:

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Cat On Mat Stares at Dragons In Boston, Lincolnshire

pets at home

TO Boston, Lincolnshire, to see Graham the cat making his daily trip to the Pets at Home store.

“When we open the doors at 9am he’s always our first customer,” says deputy manager Vicky Coker.

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Lion starts barking in Chinese zoo

THE Chinese are known for their duplicates. Even the nation’s zoos are trying the same tactic:

A Chinese zoo’s supposed “African lion” was exposed as a fraud when the dog used as a substitute started barking.

Come see the barking cat!

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Soldier returns after 6 months and cat sees him for the first time

AWWWW! Soldier returns after 6 months and cat sees him for the first time:

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Face of the day: Cat glowers at fireman who rescued it from burning building

Firefighter cat save

FACE of the day: one of three cats saved from a house fire by firefighters in Boulder, Colorado.

Any idea who or what started the fire?


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Bakery puts cat on student’s head

cat head

GRADUATION should be one of the proudest days of your life, but one student found it to be one of the most surreal after a baker got all mixed up when making a celebratory cake.

Instead of the usual cap, the young woman found a picture of her with a cat on her head!

When Laura Gambrel graduated from Indiana University last month, her beamingly proud mother – Carol – decided to order a nice well-done cake.

She instructed the baker to include a congratulatory message and a graduation cap. However, when she went to collect the cake, she was greeted by her daughter wearing a crude feline on her bonce.

“My mom ordered a graduation cake with a cap drawn on,’ the graduate posted on Reddit along with a picture of the cake. ‘I guess they misheard.”

“When my mom got to the store and started laughing they tried to wipe off the cat and put on a plastic cap, but she told them to keep it.”

Her mother added: “It was one of those young kids behind the counter and he seemed a little distracted with someone else ordering a cake a foot away from us.”

“I can only image them doing it and thinking I was going to vet school or something.”

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Cat plays the drums

HERE’S a video of a cat emerging for him his box and a state of theoretical superposition to play the drums in the style of Ginger (Tom) Baker performing Rudimental’s Waiting All Night.

The cat playing the piano is over here.

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Mexico elects cat as mayor


MEXICO is a weird and wonderful country, but surely no-one could’ve ever expected that, within its borders, a cat would be elected to run for mayor.

Morris has been put forward as the citizens’ candidate for elections taking place on July 7th and cat-lovers are probably chortling to themselves as they say “Well! He can’t do any worse than the humans! HAR HAR!” Obviously, you’d need to say that in a Mexican accent for it to work.

If Morris were to win, he would become the mayor of Veracruz state capital Xalapa.

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Karl Lagerfeld wants to marry his cat

Karl Largefeld cat

Karl Largefeld cat

FEEL free to insert your own pussy jokes into this article: Karl Lagerfeld wants to marry his cat.

The 79-year-old fashion imbecile is well known for letting ridiculous things fall out of his anus-shaped mouth, but bestiality might top the rest.

“I never thought I would fall in love like this with a cat,” Lagerfeld said.

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Vacuum Cat is here to terrify you

vacuum cat

BECAUSE cats are utterly terrifying, here’s video of a cat learning to talk to the wind:

Spotter: Tastefully Offensive


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1950s: a terribly sad cat plays the piano for Andy’s Gang

IN the 1950s, children tuned in to watch Andy’s Gang. They would have seen this sad cat playing the piano. Sweet dreams, kidz:

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Brazilian cat gets arrested with a saw and phone strapped to it

BRAZIL is, quite frankly, the most brilliantly ludicrous country on Earth. Away from the obviously mental Amazon rainforest, there’s the most corrupt football league on Earth, a fanatical belief in Jesus, appalling crime and poverty and the kind of folklore legends that makes English mythology look like a dank pond.

And to underline this, Brazilian police have arrested a cat.

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Woman talks cat down form cooker – cat talks back

WOMAN talks her surly talking cat down off the top of the cooker.

Never trust a cat.

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Wife shot husband who threatened her cat

TO Texas, where Audrey Deen Miller, 42, has shot her husband in the in the stomach after he threatened to shoot one of her cats with a pellet gun.

She drew a .40-calibre semi-automatic handgun and shot him. He’s in hospital. She’s veen charged aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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A cat being a dick on a train track

YOU liked the gallery of cats being dicks so much, we found another one:

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Cat is new leader of Moonies (video)

MOONIES leader Rev Sun Myung Moon is dead. Long live Super Mario Cat In A Mushroom Hat Moon:

Spotter: Xeni Jardin

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Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat is cool (for a cat)

TO North Carolina, to see the “two-faced” kitten posted to reddit. He is “the coolest cat ever”.

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Should there be a dangerous cat act? Mary Bale was right

NEVER trust a cat. Nora Scott, 80, from Tunstall, Staffordshire, says a neighbour’s cat attacked her. Was Mary Bale right. She was the women who dropped a cat into a state-of-the-art wheelie-bin, turning Lola into Top Cat, every cat’s TV hero. It might have been what Lola wanted. Cats, after all, can control human brains. Mary Bale became the leader of the Mary Bale Fan Club.

Now we read that cats are attacking us:

“I am terrified of this cat. It clawed my face and I had to go to the hospital and get antibiotics. I have spoken to the police, but they say there is nothing they can do. I think there should be a new law, because they have one for dangerous dogs. It just jumped up and clawed all down my face. There was blood everywhere and it left me with a black eye. Now I am too scared to go out, in case it comes after me.”

“Until something is done, then I will have to remain in my house. I used to love pottering about in the garden. I used to grow lovely flowers but I had to cut them all down so I could see whether the cat was hiding there.

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Heartless RSPCA officers name impaled cat Spikey

MORE casual animal cruelty now as we spot a cat found by an RSPCA officers in an overgrown garden in Wolverhampton. The officers notice that the cat has become impaled on a shard of fencing.

The rescuers save the cat, who is on the mend.

The cat’s physical wounds are heeling, but the mental scars remain, a fact unaided by the RSPCA’s decision to name the cat…Spikey.

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Arthur is the beaten cat with a cone on his head

ARTHUR the cat has a Cone on his head. He is a beaten cat…

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Massive hair ball removed from cat’s stomach – photos

GEMMA the cat has had a 5in-long 215g hair ball removed from her tummy. The hair is believed to be the cat’s own and not the product of bedroom and carpet harvests. Says David Fennell, of the Cromwell Vet Group in Huntingdon, Cambridgegshire (we’re number one hair balls and merkins!):

“It was about 12.5cm (5in) wide, filled the entire stomach cavity and she had not eaten for days. It would certainly have killed her. She was clearly hungry, but as we later found out, therewas absolutely no room in her stomach for anything else.

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Stewie the cat puts Connar into a trance

STEWIE the cat is filmed settling Connar to sleep. Well, so says Aarongrant1 on YouTube. Anorak knows cats. They are self-serving creatures. Stewie is exercising mind control. One day Connar will disobey mum and dad. Mark out words…

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