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Cathay Pacific Looks Into Alleged Cockpit Sex Photos

CATHAY Pacific Airlines has been keeping a secret, allegedly. The airline Cathay Pacific is looking closely at what are rumoured to be two leaked pictures that allegedly show a stewardess performing oral sex on a uniformed man in the cockpit of a plane. Is he member of the crew – or a passenger on a themed upgrade? Is the plane in the plane up and rising into the air?

Says a spokessman:

“We are conducting a full investigation into the matter and there are some indications that the female shown in the photos may be a member of our cabin crew.”

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The Great Cathay Pacific Blocked Toilet Mystery

toilet-paper-planeCATHAY Pacific is puzzling over why the toilets on its fleet of Airbus planes are blocked.

It is a mystery. Why-oh-why-oh-why did ten toilets malfunction on a flights from Riyadh to Mumbai?

Clues? We have none. And so it is that the great Asian toilet mystery joins the other great conundrums of our time:

Why does the Pope have a balcony?
Why does Katie Price sleep on her back?
Why do fanatical Muslims blame Jews for 9/11?
Why did Hitler dress to the left?
And many more!

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