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Celebrity Big Brother: A Story Of Naked Romps, Sex Pics And A Fix

8277157THE Daily Star is the Celebrity Big Brother review. But how reliable a source of facts and figures is it? Today’s Star news: Big Brother: Naked Alex Reid Lures Vinnie For Knockout Blow (NSFW)

MacGuffin investigates:

WITH crushing predictability, the Daily Star has run Celebrity Big Brother stories on the front page day after day after sodding day.

Alex Reid Naked (NSFW)

Last Wednesday, the front page story was trying to claim that Vinnie Jones was using tactics to stay immune from nomination for eviction. Unlike every other contestant on Big Brother, of course. And by calling him a ‘bully’, it would suggest his attempts to win aren’t working that well.

So it’s not exactly a fix.But then, nor was it when the programme was being fixed for Alex Reid to win a week before.

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Posted: 28th, January 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment