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Celebrity Big Brother: Alex Reid’s Ferrero Rocher Moments Without Katie Price

alex-reid-cbbCELEBRITY Big Brother’s walking Toffee Crisp Mr Alex Reid has proved the doubters wrong: he can talk and he can walk. In Big Brother, his talking is much like his walking: trapped in a three-room maze of thought and pointless repetition. But Alex’s mum is talking. And she says:

“I tried to talk him out of it. But that’s what he wanted to be when he was just 14. It’s a shame. He used to be such a good-looking man. His nose and ears are dreadful now.”

No, not. Reid’s adolescent ambition was not to date Katie Price. She’s not responsible for his nose and ears – yet.

“And he’s too gentle to be a fighter, really. That’s one of his problems in the ring. He still gets upset when he knocks someone down.”

He dares to care. But how’s he going to do in big Brother, mummy?

“He won’t stay in until the end. We just hope he stays in long enough for people to see the real him. As long as he doesn’t say anything too stupid he should be okay. He can’t fight forever. He needs a career.”

The inference seems to be that Alex Reid’s carer will him being the “real him”. There will be imposters and impressionists but there can only be one Alex Reid. What role the real Alex Reid will perform for money is moot points, but we’d suggest that he’d make a terrific novelty hat stand and should the ambassador tire to Ferrero Rocher’s vomit balls, he could play the butler dishing out the Toffee Crisps to distinguished others.

Either that or edit the Daily Star…

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