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Alex Reid Wins Celebrity Big Brother Final: Live Blog And Pictures

celebrity-big-brother3CELEBRITY Big Brother final: Live Blog. Like George Bush, Katie Price’s Jordans and France – you will miss Big Brother when it’s gone. Tonight is the final of the final Celebrity Big Brother show.

And the winner is… Alex Reid. Now to dump Katie Price live on the telly.

Vinnie is wearing sunglasses. But he’s alright. In his Arthur Daley hat.

Vinnie Out. Katie Price wins!!!!

Jonas is out. he looks better out of the house. He’d make good looking Nazi in a WW2 film. “I like farts,” says Jonas. Nazis loved farting.

Stephanie Beacham is out. She is holding the world’s largest microphone and talking with Davina – soon to be out herself.


Will Alex Reid win and add the title of CBB winner to the Mr Toffee Crisp crown he sports in his pants?

Alex Reid Naked (NSFW)

Will Vinnie Jones win and become even more insufferable, his nightclub bouncer done good persona inflating to the size of a mid-sized Texas county?

Vinnie Jones Is Hard

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