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Rock Star Bret Michaels Decapitated 0n Stage

decapitated-bret-michaelsTHE Celebrity Cull moves on to the rock group Poison, whose performance with the show Rock of Ages on the Tony Awards features lead singer Bret Michaels being near decapitated.

Of course, if Michaels is like most other old rockers, his hair will be so tightly glued on that whatever the impact his noggin will remain attached to his body by a “spinal cord” of  hair-like nylon silk:

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Pictures Of Gisele Bundchen And Tom Brady’s Wedding

GISELE Bundchen (pronounced Jizz-Sell) has as Derek Hail puts it has some “some parts that you, surpisingly, can’t see”.

What you can’t see is her wedding to Tom Brady in Costa Rica. But you can hear it:

“Take a picture of me now, you f—er! F–k you!” a camera-shy friend of Brady’s supposedly shouted at the photogs after inviting them into the house for a chat.

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Holly Madison Cracks On Dancing With The Stars

MORE news  alerts on CCN (Celebrity Cull News, formely Celebrity Cancer News) where Dancing With The Stars sees Holly Madison – a former Hugh Hefner walking stick – injured.

Madison received medical attention and a broken rib was ruled out. Madison lives… for now:

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Celebrity Cull: Tiger Eats Great Wall Of China Walker And Dancing On Ice Casualties

CELEBRITY Cull update: Tiger eats walker on Great Wall Of China and Dancing On Ice’s fractured scaphoid

IN China, 20-year-old Guo is walking along the Great Wall of China. He jumps down onto the Badaling Wildlife World to take a shortcut.

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Comic Relief Does The Celebrity Cull: Alesha Dixon Falls

DAY two on the celebrity Celebrity Relief Mount Kilimanjaro climb. And Alesha Dixon “slipped and fell down the mountain.”

It’s Day Two of Comic Relief Does The Celebrity Cull, and Strictly Come Dancing winner emeritus Dixon is falling. The Star looks on.

Dixon has gone to the toilet. She is behind bushes. Sliding. Falling.

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