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Why you might not want to be a CEO


WHY would you want to be a CEO? Sure, the money’s bloody great but even so most of us would prefer to have a life to what these bozos do for their paycheques. Surprisingly, it’s The Guardian that tells us how hard these CEOs work. The piece is here:

First off – and there’s no getting around this one, I’m afraid – you have to get up early. Really early: 6am is good, but 5am is better. And CEOs don’t hit snooze: most of them claim to leap out of bed in the morning…..They may be in charge of large international companies, but they are absolute slaves to email. Karen Blackett of MediaCom claims to receive 500 a day. They’re emailing first thing in the morning, and last thing at night, and throughout the day. For the modern CEO, dealing with your own email seems to be some kind of touchstone of accessibility. I’m not sure what I’d do if I got 500 emails every day, but I know what I wouldn’t do: I wouldn’t read them.

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Double WaMu: Alan H. Fishman In Line For Million Dollar-A-Day Bonus

WHEN Lehman Brothers collapsed, news was of the French trader who’d arrived at his desk to see his desk leave the office. (Although now Nomura, the Japanese outfit, has agreed to take over the European business, his desk might return).

Now learn of CEO Alan H. Fishman, chief executive of Washington Mutual. He started his new job at the failed bank just three weeks ago.

Mr Fishman is now eligible for $19.1 million in compensation.

The New York Times notes:

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