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Gareth Bale gives Liverpool and Spurs fans something to remember

gareth bale 4 champions leagues


Liverpool tyro Mohamed Salah was injured in the Champions League final against Real Madrid. Talks is of a suspected dislocated shoulder. He was hauled down by Real captain Sergio Ramos in the 26th minute. Real are merciless. Liverpool had nine shots with Salah on the pitch. After he left the pitch they had no more in the first half. Then after the break: goals. Benzema scored in the 51th minute. Mané equalised for Liverpool in the 55th minutes. And then – and then – Gareth Bale scored a belter. There were four former Southampton players on the pitch for Liverpool when the one former Saint on the Real team scored. Bale then scored another.

Bale has now won four Champions League titles since leaving Spurs for Madrid.

Worth repeating, then, what the experts said of Bale when he made the move:

Former Spurs manager David Pleat says Bale, 24, was too young to work abroad: “I think he’s a little bit young to go abroad. I doubt he’d find it easy. Many have failed when they have moved overseas. One or two have succeeded, but not many. Most have had a difficult time.”

Former Spurs manger Harry Redknapp told us: “He’s not an over-ambitious lad. He wants to be successful obviously but he’s not someone I can see moving to Real Madrid at this stage in his life.”

Former Spurs great Glenn Hoddle offered: “He’s had a new baby and I’m not sure if he’s ready for a move abroad.”

And this is what the mighty Bale said in 2011: “I’m not afraid to leave the country. I left home at 15 [to join Southampton’s academy]. If I leave the Premier League, I’ll learn another language … I will grow as a person.”

Gareth Bale: Number of regrets – nil.

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Liverpool undone by Seville coach’s dramatic half-time team-talk

liverpool cancer seville Manuel Eduardo "Toto" Berizzo


Three goals own to a vibrant Liverpool side, Seville were roused to a unlikely 3-3 drawer when the Spanish side’s manager,  Eduardo Berizzo, used his half-time team-talk to tell his players he has cancer. I see your oranges and flying tea cups and rise you a malignant tumour on the prostate.

Sevilla Info explains why Sevilla’s players raced to mob Berizzo after Guido Pizarro completed the comeback in injury time. As ever, I’ve put it through Google Translate for added drama:

Jug of cold water at Sevilla FC: Berizzo suffers from prostate cancer

The hugs senses of Sevilla FC players . his coach Manuel Eduardo “Toto” Berizzo at the end of the match played against Liverpool at the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán stadium revealed more than a long-suffering and epic draw against one of the biggest clubs in Europe. The players have thrown caste, courage and pride after a talk in the locker room, when the team, deflated, lost by zero goals to three at halftime. In that talk, as a slab in the environment, the news that the Argentine coach has moved his players and the entire structure of the Club. Berizzo suffers from prostate cancer.

We wish him well. As, clearly, do his players.

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Media bias: Spurs beat Real Madrid with a vanishing offside goal

In this edition of biased football reporting, we look at Tottenham’s 3-1 victory over Real Madrid 3-1 in the Champions League. Spanish newspaper Marca describes the game’;s crucial opening goal:

Replays showed that Tripper was in an offside position when he received the ball, but there was no call from the linesman and the goal stood.

Now rod of any offside in the official Spurs website’s report:

Dele got the ball rolling in the 27th minute when he tucked home Kieran Trippier’s cross from close range

And the BBC:

Dele Alli gave Spurs the lead after 27 minutes when he turned in Kieran Trippier’s cross from close range


Not much bias, as it turns out. A 3-1 defeat for Real Madrid tells its own story. And, well, you make your own luck in a sport where luck plays a role:



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Liverpool balls: the mighty Maribor

All’s well at Liverpool FC. Last night the mighty Reds swatted Maribor 7-0 in the Champions’ League. It was the biggest away win by an English team in the entire history of the European Cup.

Watching the thrashing was the Daily Mirror’s David Maddock. He was keen to show readers that Maribor are a top side. They are “seasoned Champions League performers”.

Really? The Slovenians are hardly competitive:

Ten-year European record (UEFA Champions League unless indicated otherwise)
2016/17: UEFA Europa League play-offs
2015/16: second qualifying round
2014/15: group stage
2013/14: UEFA Europa League round of 32 (having transferred from UEFA Champions League play-offs)
2012/13: UEFA Europa League group stage (having transferred from UEFA Champions League play-offs)
2011/12: UEFA Europa League group stage (having transferred from UEFA Champions League third qualifying round)
2010/11: UEFA Europa League play-offs
2009/10: UEFA Europa League play-offs (having transferred from UEFA Champions League third qualifying round)
2008/09: did not take part in UEFA club competition
2007/08: UEFA Intertoto Cup second round

Not all that good are they. Indeed, in 2014, when Chelsea thrashed Maribor 6-0, the Mirror called the Slovenian side “minnows”.

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Manchester City balls: Sergio Aguero’s Champions’ League ‘vow’

Big news: Sergio Aguero, 28, has signed a one-year contract extension at Manchester City, says the BBC.

The Daily Mirror ups that with more amazing news: “Aguero has vowed to remain at City until they are crowned kings of Europe”.


Aguero Manchester City newpsapers


Very good of him to make a solemn promise. But at 28, would City want, says, a 38-year-old playing up front for them? We know age is just a number (see: Zlatan Ibrahimovich) but would City’s owners not fancy a younger striker in the next decade?

Of course, should City not win the Champions’ League by 2020, when Aguero’s deal ends, they might not want to renew it. But Aguero has made a “vow”. He’ll be there for as long as it takes.

Of course, Aguero is no fool. He made no vow. What he said was:

“I still have four years more here,. I hope to achieve it at some point as it’s really important for any player. Obviously the Champions League is not easy; there are a lot of other fantastic teams. But my idea and club’s idea is the same, to try to win this competition… we are ready to reach a Champions League final. I don’t know if it’s going to be this year, but we will try.”

Vows made: none.

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Chelsea Balls: David Luiz reveals why David Luiz left Chelsea with David Luiz

The Sun has been talking with Chelsea’s former Playstation character* and footballer David Luiz. In readiness for his current club, PSG, Champions’ League match with Chelsea, Luiz has been talking about himself.

(*Sky TV pundit Gary Neville said Luiz moved as if controlled by a sugar-rushing adolescent with his thumb pressed on ‘run’. Luiz was not in full control of his brain, legs or hair. It was not meant as praise.)

PSG, perhaps taking Luiz’s Playstation reputation as a sign the Brazilian could deliver the fabled 10-15-year-old replica kit demographic, paid a ridiculous £50m for his services. Luiz tells the Sun the move was of his design:

“I decided to leave after the end of the season. Chelsea offered me a new contract and I said to them ‘I’m not feeling the same thing like I was feeling years ago’… I decided my cycle was finished and I wanted to live a different moment now in my life. I was not playing as much as the previous season but I played all the big games well — in different positions.”

Sometimes in one match.

“People tried to make stories about me and Mourinho but we never had any history. He was the boss and decided who plays and who doesn’t. But many times when he doesn’t put David Luiz in people said there was a problem. But it was natural. I was very happy in Chelsea.”

David Luiz talks of David Luiz in the third person, still unsure if the footballer is a player or an object, an avatar controlled by another’s hand.

Anyhow, the story goes that Luiz (sorry, David Luiz; his name must alway be written and said in full (see: Andros Townsend)) wanted to leave. And Chelsea wanted him to stay. Or it would fact be were it not for the nutzoid £5om on the table, the chance for Chelsea to buy better players and what Luiz says of Jose Mouinho’s reaction to his transfer request:

“I was not feeling good there and I said I wanted to leave. He didn’t try too much because I was in Brazil for the World Cup and we just spoke on the telephone. And he said ‘It’s OK, you can go’.”

It’s not Playstation. It’s Player Manager…


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Manchester City balls: Barcelona star makes a vow in 2D

Manchester City play Barcelona in the Champions’ League and the Sun talk is of war and fighting. The paper’s headline declares:

“I’ll Mess You Up”

Antony Kastrinakis has read Lionel Messi’a Facbeook page. Be afraid, City:

“Looking forward to playing in the next round of the Champions League. It’ll be really nice to face my friend Sergio Aguero as I always beat him at FIFA. But let’s see what happens on the pitch.”

Scary stuff…

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Manchester City Balls: The Champions League Fact You Never Knew

The free Metro newspapers has grim news for Manchester City fans hoping to see their side into the Champions’ League knock-out stages.


manchester city



We di not know that. Becseu it’s wrong. City beat Bayern Munich on the same night Roma and CSKA drew.

Manchester City will qualify with a win at Roma as long as CSKA do not beat Bayern, and also with a scoring draw at Roma as long as CSKA lose at Bayern.

Such are the facts…

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Liverpool Balls: Yaya Toure Moves To Anfield And Van Persie Is At Real Madrid

The Times


DID you find Liverpool’s Champions’ League match in Real Madrid a tad predictable? Liverpool lost 1-0, which suggests the match was closely fought. It wasn’t. Liverpool would have been more of a threat to the Madrid goal if they run up to it and shouted ‘BOO!’

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Arsenal Balls: Danny Welbeck’s Goal That Wasn’t And A Clueless Referee

ARSENAL Balls: the Gunners tossed away a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 with a spirited Anderlecht in the Champions’ League, and the Daily Mirror reports:

Paul Merson slams ”clueless” Arsene Wenger after Arsenal capitulate against Anderlecht

Well, the first Andrelecht goal was offside, the second was a penalty softer given for a ‘foul’ softer than a baby’s bum but the third was down to weak Arsenal defending and a smart finish.

The refereeing was pretty clueless.

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Liverpool Balls: Gary Neville Might Laugh

THIS instalment of He’s No Gary Neville Is He stars former Liverpool player and manager Phil Thompson, now offering expert insight and nouse on Sky Sports. In readiness for Liverpool’s Champions’ League match against the mighty Real Madrid, Thompson told viewers:

“It’s going to be a sensational night at Anfield for the first Real Madrid game. They will up the ante, the players. Everybody will be up for it and they’ll make it difficult for Real. Liverpool will win that game. Absolutely, it happens, it’s at Anfield. It will be an incredible night, they’ll turn it on, crank up the pressure and it will be totally different.”

He’s no Gary Neville, is he.

(Liverpool lost 0-3).

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Liverpool Balls: An Epic Vine Of Brendan Rodgers Meeting Real Madrid’s Carlo Ancelotti

WHEN Brendan Rodgers met Carlo Ancelotti before Liverpool’s home Champions’ League match against Real Madrid, a game soul caught the moment on a Vine.



Shades of Rigsby and Miss Jones:


brendan rodgers



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Ajax Fans Pay Tribute To Paris Hilton



TO Amsterdam, where Ajax are hosting PSG in the Champions’ League. The Dutch fans display a banner declaring “The only Paris we like made a xxx tape”.

PSG did not wipe the floor with Ajax. The game ended 1-1.

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Chelsea Balls: BBC Says Atletico Madrid ‘Win The Tie’ After Just 64 Minutes Played

CHELSEA are playing in the semi-final of the Champions’ League. They are 1-2 down, needing two goals to progress to the final. They can give up because the BBC says the game is already over:


chelsea champions league



Sage-like wisdom from the Beeb:


Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 21.16.49

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Manchester United Balls: Of Course Wayne Rooney Dived Like All Good Barcelona Players Should

DID Wayne Rooney dive in Manchester United’s 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich? There is no doubt that Bayern’s Bastian Schweinsteiger fouled Rooney, but the Englishman went down in true action hero style: legs buckled, chest out, head tossed back, mouth  in a rictus of agony, perhaps death.

Schweinsteiger and Bayern manager Pep Guardiola thought the ‘going to ground easily’ has contributed to the German earning a second yellow card in the Champions League quarter-final.


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Arsenal Draw With Borussia Dortmund And Chelsea Fail To Win At Schalke (Say Papers)

LAST night, Chelsea beat Schalke and Arsenal lost to Borussia Dortmund in the Champions’ League. Or did they?

The Journal says Arsenal won:

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 08.45.37



The Mirror is more sober. In that paper Arsenal only drew, which seems harsh on Chelsea and anyone who bet on them winning:

Screen shot 2013-10-23 at 08.47.08

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Chelsea want to win Champins League, says newspaper expert

FOOTBALL Pundit of the Day: the Daily Mail’s tame former Arsenal, Everton and England player Martin Keown has inside news on Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in the Champions’ League:

Both Jose and his players have won the Champions League now, just not together — and I think that is something he will want to achieve with this group of players.

Yer think he wants to win, Martin? Well, if you say so…

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A wonderful history of German football clubs in Europe: 1960 til now

THE Germans are coming (again)

German football didn’t turn professional until the mid-sixties, but by that time the (West Germany) national team had already won the World Cup, and one of their clubs had reached the final of the European Champions Cup.


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Man United fan calls 999 after Nani sending-off (Arsenal fans might laugh)

Soccer - Manchester United filer

MANCHESTER United fans are a special breed aren’t they? 99% of them are glory hunters who claim not to be glory hunters through some spurious reason or other like, “my dad grew up in Greater Manchester”. Funny how these people don’t support Stockport or Rochdale.

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Arsenal: did the fans really boo them off? The experts can’t agree

ARSENAL lost to Bayern Munich in the Champions League. So bad was the defeat that even the hoardings started to troll the Gunners. So bad was it that the Sun’s Steve Howard spotted Gunners fans starting to leave “after just 19 minutes“. Really?

He asks:

And who could blame them?

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Even the Champions’ League hoardings troll Arsenal

ARSENAL are heading out of the Champions’ League. A 1-3 defeat to Bayern Munich spells exit. How bad is it? Well, it could be better for Gunners fans – even the the hoardings have started to troll Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal. The legend running about the Emirates pitch last night asked: “are you uefa champions league level?”

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Real Madrid v Manchester United: Ronaldo and Van Persie most likely to score when other team tires

GAMBLERS gearing up for Real Madrid v Manchester United in the Champions’ League, listen up. The Sun’s Antony Kastrinakis has news. He’s looked at the data and can reveal the “stats” that “show when they’re at their deadliest”. They are Robin Van Persie and Cristiano Ronaldo. And news is that RVP is “most likely to score in the 49th minute“. Ronaldo will get his goal on the 50th. Only, that’s not quite right. In fact, its nonsense.

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Real Madrid v Manchester United: Redknapp says flop Modric is better than all United’s midfield

AS the media heats up for the big Champions’ League match between Real Madrid and Manchester United, the Daily Mail produces the bilge of the day.

On Page 79, the paper employs Martin Keown and Jamie Redknapp to create a “dream team” from the two clubs. The conclusion: “United just edge it.” Having picked more United players than Real ones – De Gea over Casillas; Carrick over Khedira – Redknapp wonders why there is no room for Luka Modric, who would “certainly get in the United team” – ahead of Carrick, who is, erm, better than Modric and every other Real midfielder bar Alonso, who appears in the dream team as his equal.

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Patrice Evra says Manchester United’s never lost to Barcelona in the 2009 and 2011 Champions’ League finals

WE’RE all for up-beat, positive thinking. And so too is Partrice Evra, the Manchester United defender. In readiness for his side’s Champions’ League match against Real Madrid, Evra tells media:

“I’ve been waiting for a big European tie like this for a long time and it’s probably the biggest European game since Barcelona in 2008.”

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Celtic beat Spartak Moscow in photos

GLASGOW Celtic beat Sparktak Moscow to reach the Champions’ League knock-out rounds. The annual Scottish football story –  Rangers/Celtic win Scottish Premier League – has been updated to: Celtic win Scottish Premier League – and do surprisingly well in Europe:


Picture 1 of 11

A young Celtic fan holds aloft a champions league trophy in the stands

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