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Big Brother: Victoria Beckham Lookalike Chanelle Hayes Overdoses

chanelle-beckhamBIG Brother 10: Rodrigo is British, Chanelle Hayes overdoses, Marcus adopts Miley Cyrus asnd Madeleine McCann…

The Sun: “Rodrigo gets his royal wish”

THE Sun continues to feature Big Brother 10 as its lead online story. And news is that Rodrigo has fulfilled his “lifelong dream” and written a letter to Her Majesty Queen.

Big Brother handed Rodrigo a chalk board and chalk and gave him half an hour to write his letter.

How long can it take for the Brazilian write “DIE!” – though, granted, folding the blackboard into the envelope is tricky.

Of course, Rodrigo made NO threat to Her Majesty. Really. Ooer, too late. Call off the police. Rodrigo, run. Run. Mind the gap!

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Chanelle Hayes’ Phone Sex Alternative

CHANELLE Hayes is showing Daily Star readers her backside.

These are Chanelle’s “Cheeky ways to enjoy the credit crunch”.

For just 35p, Star readers can hang up on those expensive phone sex chat lines and just stare at Chanelle while listening to a free CD of Thora Hird reciting the alphabet.

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Chanelle Hayes Exposes Omar Bakri’s Plot For Jihad In The Pole Dancing Club

DAYS on from news that mad mullah Omar Bakri paid for his daughter’s boob job and the plan to bring jihad to the country’s gentlemen’s clubs is curtailed.

The Star brings the front-page news that Chanelle Hayes will NOT be having her chest enlarged.

The Big Brother strumpet has made her decision in response to a Star reader’s poll. Tough on the War On Terror, and as patriotic as the next scaffolder, Star readers are turning their backs on artificial breasts, staring Islamofascism in the chest and saying “No”.

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Beckhams Smell Of Bunions, Plastic And Bones

AH, the smell of David Beckham and Her Poshness:

Tomorrow. New York. At Macy’s. Posh and Becks will make an in store appearance to promote their new fragrance Beckham Signature His and Her. For Him: smells like having sex with plastic and bones. For Her: smells like concrete tits, hunger, and bunions. First 300 get to meet them, receive autographs, and watch them pose their balls off.

Chanelle Hayes 1: Victoria Beckham 2
Victoria Beckham Is Zero And Paris Hilton Is Given One
The Smell of Victoria Beckham’s Sweat

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