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Pregnant Chantelle still shagging Alex Reid despite being massively pregnant because he might cheat on her

CLASSY news time and Britain’s most simultaneously gruesome but haplessly likeable couple (likeable in a way that, they’re so blissfully stupid that you can’t help but wish them well after being mangled by the gawdawful machinery of fame) Alex Reid and  fiancée Chantelle Houghton are talking about their sex lives.

They’ve announced that they will definitely be having more than one child together, which is all well and normal. However, it is the way they talk about it which may make you dry-heave.

Chantelle is 5 months pregnant with their baby daughter and Alex is already planning for them to have a boy, too. In slightly rapey tones, Reid says:

“She has no choice. She’s going to get Reidernated again!”

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Posted: 1st, March 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment (1)

Umarried Chantelle And Preston Go On ‘Honeymoon’

CHANTELLE Houghton and Sam Preston are on a “SECRET HONEYMOON”. It’s so secret that there is no sign of the Big Brother stars ever getting remarried.

In this week’s OK!, integrity-hunting Preston told us about his American girlfriend. Having read the front-page headline that Preston and Chantelle were “BACK TOGETHER”, the actual story turned out to be that they were back together not in bed and in love but in OK!.

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