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Charlene shakes Prince Albert at Monaco Christmas swim (Photos)

WHEN Prince Albert of Monaco married his rushing blushing bride (surely rushing? – ed), Charlene Wittstock, the world swooned. Charlene was the bride who got bad case of the jitters and was headed off at the airport. She then honeymooned alone. Yesterday, Prince Albert II of Monaco went swimming in the Mediterranean sea. We did not see his wife, the former South African Olympic swimmer. Italian fishermen are advised to keep a look out for the blonde who can hold her breath for hours, so they say…


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Prince Albert II of Monaco arrives to go swimming in the Mediterranean sea, in Monaco, Sunday, Dec. 18, 2011, during the traditional Christmas bathing session. (AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau)


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Gay Pride Parade London Pays Tribute Prince Albert of Monaco And Charlene Wittstock: Photos

ANORAK was among the revellers taking part in the annual Gay Pride parade in central London. Gay police were there? Gay sailors where there (who knew?). If you added some sun and camped it up a bit, this could have been another wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock


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Revellers take part in the annual Gay Pride parade, in central London.

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Charlene Wittstock Marries A Butch Cake Decoration In Monaco: Prince Albert’s Wedding Photos

DAY two of Prince Albert 2 of Monaco’s wedding to Charlene Wittstock. Having impounded his bride’s passport and headed her off at Nice airport – why the Olympic swimming champion didn’t head for the waves instead of the road we may never know – she was ready for the religious do the Place du Palais, Monte Carlo. For the occasion, screamingly heterosexual Albert dressed as Elton John impersonating Richard Gere’s Officer And A Gentleman on a ride down Old Compton Street on Mr Whippy’s ice-cream float. The bride wore a look of patience and resignation…

Note: The British royal family were represented by Albert’s British stunt double Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

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Prince Albert Of Monaco Ties The Knot About Runaway Charlene Wittstock: The Wedding Photos

HAPPY days in Monaco where the screamingly heterosexual Prince Albert II has tied the knot with Charlene Wittstock. Having headed her off at Nice airport and impounded her passport, love blossomed for the man they call the Prince Edward of Monaco and the former Olympic athlete who was always better at swimming than running.

(We had the boat ready, Charlene. You only had to ‘do a swimmer’. You chose to run and that was never your bag.)

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