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Charlie Gilmour Epitomises The University Berth Blocker

CHARLIE Gilmour is the graduate of Walter Softy’s club who went over for powwow with the Bash Street Kids for larks. The comparison to cartoon characters are apt because Gilmour is surely the new kid at St Custard’s,Nigel Moleswort’s prep school. He’s the sometime model, sometime journalist, fulltime son of an Etonian and a minted rock star who got us to sing, “We don’t need no education”.

Charlie, as we’ve said, is now getting a reputation for being his own man. For Sados (sons and daughters of stars) this usually means a career in music, modelling or dealing in fine art. The epitome of the rule are the Rolling Stones’ daughters who have nearly all managed to capture their mothers’ model looks and none of their dads craggy bits and take to work as moving portraits. The Sados are unlikely to becomes nurses – and who can really blame them.

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Posted: 16th, December 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment