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The rapper who makes the most self-references is…

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Who is the world’s most self-regarding rapper? John Lemon has compiled an analysis of self-mentions by rappers to find out which of them wants it to be about ‘me-me-me’. The number one act is Nicki Minaj.

1st: Nicki Minaj (11.5% of all words)

Three albums. 17,665 words. 2026 explicit references to herself

A self-reference every 8.78 words

42.87 self-references per song

An average of 371.55 words per song

On “Right By My Side” she referenced herself every 3.5 words, or 28% of the song

Her most word-laden song is “All Things Go”, at 718 words, with 67 self-references

It;s just her, herself and more of her.

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American life: the most popular pastime when your old is being alone

According to Dan Kopf’s study ‘Who Americans spend their time with‘, the sixth most popular pastime for Americans is being alone. Of course, being alone might be enforced, something formed by circumstance rather than choice. But, then, so is spending time with your family and co-workers:


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How common is your birthday?

How common is your birthday? (ᔥ The Atlantic)


How common is your birthday?

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Justin Bieber’s Girlfriend Selena Gomez Plans To Not Do something

THE budget may be taking us all roughly with no lubricant, Libya may well be about to explode like a giant box of catherine wheels and Japan may well consist of people stood solemnly staring at the catastrophic carnage, wondering where to begin when rebuilding such a beautiful country… but what about the really big news?

We’re talking specifically about the world of gyrating foetus, Justin Bieber or, more importantly, what Bieber’s girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

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