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Che Guevara at the Brand Licensing Europe trade show in Olympia, London

TO the Brand Licensing Europe trade show in Olympia, London. Che Guevara, as recorded in Alberto Korda’s image, is attracting bids…

Spotter: Andy Riley


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It Was Pimply Hacker-Heros Anonymous Who Really Freed Egypt!

THE hacker nerds Anonymous really are everybody’s favourite freedom fighters right now. Forget the fact that they are largely greasy-haired 19 year-olds fiddling with themselves in dark rooms in Oregon, some sections of the media have elevated them to the status of wavy-haired Che Gueveras. Those kids aren’t just watching tentacle porn! – They’re liberating oppressed peoples!
Al Jazeera got all gooey over the part Anonymous played in bringing democracy to Egypt. In an article explaining the hackers’ role in toppling Middle East tyrannies, they said:

Anonymous represent the untameable wild west of the web, a world where geeks teach the corrupt and powerful a lesson.”

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Alberto Granado RIP: Che Guevara Got The T-Shirts, You Got Old

IT was Che Guevara’s biographers and marketeers good fortune that the revolutionary died before he got too old. Che was 39 when he was executed. Alberto Korda’s photograph (Guerrillero Heroico) of the soft-eyed poet immortalised Che as a pioneering lover of freedom.  His childhood friend Alberto Granado lived to be 88. He is not forever young.

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Che Guevara Is Peta’s Dumb Animal Of The Month

che-guevara-carrotsTHAT’S Lydia Guevara, granddaughter of Ernesto “Che” Guevara working the carrot ammo belt for PETA in Argentina, home of the gaucho grill.

The campaign’s tag line: “Join the vegetarian revolution.”

Like Che:

Alvaro Vargas Llosa, author of ‘The Che Guevara Myth,’ says that Che was in reality the architect of Cuba’s infamous labor camps, which housed dissidents, gays, and devout Catholics. He was also a sadist who loved to simulate executions as a form of torture.

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Benecio Del Toro On Che Guevara, Cuba’s Batman

BENECIO Del Toro says Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara, was “a warrior” and a super hero:

We tell stories about Batman, and he was a type of Batman. No one can deny that he was trying to stop man exploiting man. Whether he was successful or not…”

Dunno. Best ask Albert Korda who took that photo of him that hangs on walls and never earned much money from it.

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Looking To Big Daddy Fidel Castro For Love

ALICE WALKER is looking at Barack Obama and John McCain, and seeking Fidel Castro. No, not dear Che Guevara; he’s easy to find:

This is what I want for our country, more than anything. I want a leader who can love us.. But when the lights are out and I’m left with just the stars in a super-dark sky, and I feel the new intense chill that seems to be the underbreath of even the hottest day, when I know that global warming may send our planet into a deep freeze even before my remaining years run out, then I think about what it is that truly matters to me. Not just as a human, but as an American.

She wants Fidel to keep her cool at night. As Norm says:

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