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Cheryl Cole Checks Ashley Cole’s Shoes In OK!, In Pictures

7517829CHERYL Cole is on the cover of OK! magazine. “Everybody’s icon” is smiling. Cheryl wants us to know that girls are “ALWAYS THROWING THEMSELVES AT ASHLEY”.

“Lemme at ‘im,” scream these new Suffragettes. “I’ll ‘ave the little so-and-so!”

It turns out that Cheryl means that girls are throwing themselves at Ashley because they want to snog him and have his baybees, tell the papers about shagging him (which they don’t) and having text sex, which is all fingers and thumb – so spot on for adolescents and footballers, allegedly.

OK! caught up with Cheryl in Vienna, where she was one week ago. Cheryl says that she will be supporting Ashley at the World Cup, but only when he plays in “big games”.

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Posted: 17th, February 2010 | In: OK! | Comment