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Cheryl Cole Interview: Jelly Baby Flour Pain And Other Heartaches

CHERLY Cole is on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories weeping and talking about herself and her struggle. As she tells BBC Radio 1’s Sarah Cox, this is her chance to “give myself a voice back.”

So says lip-syncing, auto tuning Cheryl. And, in any case, she had no choice but to talk about herself on the telly:

“I felt like I had to. It had reached a point when things had got so ridiculous – rumours and stories – and people were starting to get this idea I’m somebody I’m not.”

In the Guardian, Cheryl makes a vow:

“I will never talk about my personal life again.”

The interview with Simon Hattenstone has a few highlights:

Today, she still looks a little fragile*. I offer her some of my sweets.
“I’ll have a wine gum,” she says.
“What’s wrong with jelly babies?”
“I don’t like the flour on them. It goes through us.”

Ashley Cole’s Women (Alleged)

On Ashley Cole:

“I know to a lot of people the headlines and the stories they read are like some sick entertainment or soap opera, but it’s my life and I’m really dealing with it.”

That’s her life on the telly, on Piers Morgan’s show. That’s her life as she sells her marriage photos to OK! magazine. That’s her life as she poses for the National Lottery dressed in white with Ashley. Who talked babies. Who told us about her and Ashley’s bath-time fun. Is this a sick soap opera? If so, who provides the scriptwriters with their ideas?

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