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Anti-racist Chicago Dyke vexiphobics weed out the wrong kind of Jews

I’m on the Chicago Dyke March Collective (CDMC), “a grassroots mobilisation and celebration of dyke, queer, bisexual and transgender resilience”. But I’m not all that resilient. I am offended and terrified. I boast strong “anti-racist, anti-violent” credentials and work “to bridge together communities across race, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age, size, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, culture, immigrant status, spirituality, and ability”. But I am scared by flags. I am a vexiphobic.

Yes, I know it’s odd but phobias are. And mine’s more intersectional than most because I’m scared only of flags depicting the Star of David. Whenever I see one I feel ill and want it removed from decent society. I’d like it burned but I’m worried about the carbon footprint. When I saw one being brandished as part of Jewish Pride on the march, I felt physically sick. A CDMC health worker saw my suffering and asked the flag brandisher to leave because the flags “made people feel unsafe”.

So the rainbow flag with the rainbow Star of David on it that tested the extremes of my resilience and anti-racist credentials, and breached them both, was banned. That it also meant the Jews holding these disturbing flags also were banned was a shame but, then, if the wrong kind of Jews arrive, they should except no special favours. I am neither biased not bigoted. Get thee hence. It’s what you do with people who have everything, you take things away.

For purposes of clarity there are two kinds of Jews. You’ve got the Jews who still haven’t learnt not to be barbaric and sub-human and you’ve got the educated Jews who admit they are barbaric and sub-human. As Bari Weiss notes:

For progressive American Jews, intersectionality forces a choice: Which side of your identity do you keep, and which side do you discard and revile? Do you side with the oppressed or with the oppressor?

Do you wear that yellow Star of David on your arm or on a flag?

That kind of choice would have been familiar to previous generations of left-wing Jews, particularly those in Europe, who felt the tug between their ethnic heritage and their “internationalist” ideological sympathies. But this is the United States. Here, progressives are supposed to be comfortable with the idea of hyphenated identities and overlapping ethnic, sexual and political affinities. Since when did a politics that celebrates choice — and choices — devolve into a requirement of being forced to choose?

Laurel Grauer, who was told to take her flag and go, and is one of those Jews who refuses to learn, moaned: “It was a flag from my congregation which celebrates my queer, Jewish identity which I have done for over a decade, marching in the Dyke March with the same flag.”

Another woman told to leave was Ms. Shoshany Anderson, who wrote: “I wanted to be in public as a gay Jew of Persian and German heritage. Nothing more, nothing less. So I made a shirt that said ‘Proud Jewish Dyke’ and hoisted a big Jewish Pride flag — a rainbow flag with a Star of David in the center, the centuries-old symbol of the Jewish people. During the picnic in the park, organizers in their official t-shirts began whispering and pointing at me and soon, a delegation came over, announcing they’d been sent by the organizers. They told me my choices were to roll up my Jewish Pride flag or leave. The Star of David makes it look too much like the Israeli flag, they said, and it triggers people and makes them feel unsafe. This was their complaint.”

CDMC replied on Facebook:“This decision was made after they [the Jewish Pride flag carriers] repeatedly expressed support for Zionism during conversations with Chicago Dyke March Collective members. We have since learned that at least one of these individuals is a regional director for A Wider Bridge, an organisation with connections to the Israeli state and right-wing pro-Israel interest groups.”

In the name of anti-violence and equality, we should pull the flags from those sticks and beat these Untermensch with them. But we’re tolerant and peaceful. “We want to make clear that anti-Zionist Jewish volunteers and supporters are welcome at Dyke March,” says the all-inclusive CDMC.

And that’s right and proper. Compliance is all when you’re celebrating diversity and freedom.

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Chicago says: ‘Ohio will be eliminated’

The Chicago Transit Authority has issued a threat: “Ohio will be eliminated”


Ohio will be eliminated


Spotter: Reddit – r/softwaregore

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Idiots lock up innocent woman for possessing small amount of marijuana 22 years ago

To Chicago, where Latasha Eatman has been jailed for 49 days for something she didn’t do. CBS News reports that Eatman was arrested in 1993 on minor marijuana possession charges. Her punishment was to complete a period of community service. But Eatman was unable to comply because the facility to which she’d been detailed was closed and full whenever she turned up. And she turned up on numerous occasions. Eventually a judge excused her from probation.

Fast forward to 2016 and police looking for shops selling contraband cigarettes spot Eatman and run her name through the computer. The machine flags up an outstanding warrant for failure to complete community service. On the strength of the shoddy data and poor admin, police arrest Eatman and locked her up. After ten days in prison, the mother of a six-year-old is brought before the Beak. She tells him what happened and of the previous ruling. But this judge calls her a liar. He orders that Eatman is slammed back in prison and held without bond. For 29 days she remains in choky.

By chance, one Cara Smith, a chief officer at the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, is running an audit of first-time offenders locked up in their jail. The authorities realise their error. Whoops!

One day later, Eatman is released.

And how was your day?

Spotter: Reason

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Chicago Prisons Official Was Arrested 24 Times

HOW politics works: Xadrian McCracken works with the Illinois Department of Corrections. His salary is $110,000 a year. So says Breitbart’s Mike Flynn. He says McCracken has been arrested no fewer than 24 times. He is thus well versed in all sides of the prison system.

Not that 24 arrests means he’s a criminal. He could be unlucky or picked upon. Indeed, Flynn might be guilty of a little prejudgement, given that Xadrian’s surname is McCraven, nor McCracken, of the Safe McCrackens.


Screen shot 2013-12-10 at 09.40.22



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The Documerica Project: photos of Chicago’s black community in the 1970s

IN the 1970s, the US Government created Documerica Project (1971-1977). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.

John H White was one of nearly one hundred photographers hired for DOCUMERICA. His photographs captured the spirit and struggle of the African-American community in Chicago, Illinois in the early 70’s.

The captions are the original texts:


Sidewalk Merchandise On Chicago’s South Side. Many Of The City’s Black Businessmen Started Small And Grew By Working Hard Today Chicago Is Believed To Be The Black Business Capital Of The United States, 06/1973




Graffiti On A Wall In Chicago. Such Writing Has Advanced And Become An Art Form, Particularly In Metropolitan Areas. Black Artists Also Have Used Walls On Buildings In Black Communities In Chicago To Paint Outdoor Murals. They Feel It Is A Means Of Sharing Art With People In The Ghetto Who Don’t Go To The Museums. The Artists Also Have Given Painting Lessons To Community Groups By Decorating Walls On Some Buildings In Their Communities, 05/1973



Street Scene On 47th Street In South Side Chicago, A Busy Area Where Many Small Black Businesses Are Located, 06/1973



Black Beauties Complement A Float During The Bud Billiken Day Parade, 08/1973


isaac hayes

Isaac Hayes Dancers Perform At The International Amphitheater In Chicago, 10/1973


chicago 1970s


Black Children Play Outside The Ida B. Wells Homes, One Of Chicago’s Oldest Housing Projects. There Are 1,652 Apartments Housing 5,920 Persons In 124 Buildings On The South Side. Many Buildings In This Part Of The City Have Been Systematically Vacated For Various Reasons. Even Though Many Are Salvageable, They Are Razed And Replaced With High Rent Highrises Which Have Little Or No Appeal To The Area’s Previous Residents, 05/1973



Worshippers At Holy Angel Catholic Church On Chicago’s South Side. It Is The City’s Largest Black Catholic Church. The Pastor Is Father George H. Clements, A Leader In The Black Community, 10/1973



Illinois Governor Dan Walker Greets Chicago Constituents During The Bud Billiken Day Parade, 08/1973


 Black Products And Services Was One Of The Themes At The Annual Black Expo Held In Chicago. Also Present Were Black Art And Culture, Education, Talent, A Voter Registration Drive And Other Aspects Of Black Consciousness. The Aim Is To Make Blacks Aware Of Their Heritage And Capabilities, And Help Them Towards A Better Life, 10/1973

Black Products And Services Was One Of The Themes At The Annual Black Expo Held In Chicago. Also Present Were Black Art And Culture, Education, Talent, A Voter Registration Drive And Other Aspects Of Black Consciousness. The Aim Is To Make Blacks Aware Of Their Heritage And Capabilities, And Help Them Towards A Better Life, 10/1973


chicago 1970s 12

A Black Band Performs At The Lake Meadows Shopping Center In Chicago. Not Well Known, They Are Sharing Their Music At Home And Hope Their Start Will Lead To Greater Recognition, 08/1973


chicago 1970s 10


chicago 1970s 9

Black Muslim Women Dressed In White Applaud Elijah Muhammad During The Delivery Of His Annual Savior’s Day Message In Chicago. The City Is Headquarters For The Black Muslims. Their $75 Million Empire Includes A Mosque, Newspaper, University Restaurants, Real Estate, Bank And Variety Of Retail Stores Muhammad Died February 25, 1975, 03/1974


chicago 1970s 8

“The Fruit Of Islam”, A Special Group Of Bodyguards For Muslim Leader Elijah Muhammad, Sit At The Bottom Of The Platform While He Delivers His Annual Savior’s Day Message In Chicago, 03/1974



chicago 1970s 7

The Rev. Jesse Jackson Speaks On A Radio Broadcast From The Headquarters Of Operation Push, At Its Annual Convention. One Of The Aims Of The Organization Is To Open The World Of Business To Small Black Owned Businesses. Rev. Jackson Is Credited For Helping To Make Chicago The Black Banking Capital In The Country. He Helped Persuade White Companies To Stop Taking Profits They Earned From Black Consumers To The White Suburbs, 07/1973


chicago 1970s 6

 Vote Registration Drive Was One Aspect Of Black Expo, An Annual Exhibit Of Black Talent, Education, Products And Other Aspects Of Black Consciousness Held In Chicago. The Aim Is To Make Blacks Aware Of Their Heritage And Capabilities, And Help Them Towards A Better Life, 10/1973


chicago 1970s 5

chicago 1970s 4

 Black Man Operating A Newsstand In Chicago On The West Side The City Is Believed To Be The Black Business Capital Of The United States. Census Figures Show In 1970 There Were 8,747 Black Owned Businesses In The City That Grossed More Than $332 Million. But Black Capitalists Still Have More Trouble Staying In Business Once They Begin And The Main Reason Remains Racial Prejudice. Lack Of Capital Lack Of Business Expertise And Lack Of Support From The Black Community Are Other Factors, 06/1973



chicago 1970s 3

Black Youngsters Performing On An Empty Lot At 5440 South Princeton Avenue On Chicago’s South Side At A Small Community Program Called “an Open Air Fashion And Talent Show” Presented By “the New Between The Tracks Council”, A Community Block Group. It Is One Of Many Block Clubs And Community Groups Organized To Help Youngsters “do Their Thing” During Special Weekend Programs In Empty Lots In The Black Communities, 08/1973



chicago 1970s 2

 Black Beauties With Colorful Hair Grace A Float During The Annual Bud Billiken Day Parade Along Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Drive On Chicago’s South Side. Up To Half A Million People View One Of The Largest Events Of The Year, Held For Blacks Of All Ages And Economic Status. The Parade Also Includes Black Politicians, Black Businesses Displaying Their Products And Black Bands, 08/1973


chicago 1970s 1


Chicago Ghetto On The South Side. Although The Percentage Of Chicago Blacks Making $7,000 Or More Jumped From 26 To 58% Between 1960 And 1970, A Large Percentage Still Remained Unemployed. The Black Unemployment Rate Generally Is Assumed To Be Twice That Of The National Unemployment Rate Published Monthly By The Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 05/1974


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In photos: Chicago’s frozen fire

LAST Tuesday, a warehouse on Chicago’s South Side went up in flame. Fire crews attended. They blasted cold water at a  building engulfed in flames. The water froze. Then the building caught fire for a second time. More than 170 firefighters responded to the five-alarm blaze that started at about 9 p.m. Tuesday Jan, 22, 2013. Temperatures in the city are currently falling to -7C (19F) at night. Would you fancy this job?

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Ex-lover fined $105,761.81 for car ex-lover illegally parked

REVENGE? Stupidity? Jennifer Fitzgerald has been presented with a $100,000 for parking a car she said she never owned.
She blamed her ex-boyfriend Brandon Preveau. She claims that Preveau, a United Airlines employee, bought the 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo for $600 in 2008, registered it in her name and then parked it in an O’Hare International Airport car park.
For three years the car never moved. It gathered 687 parking tickets, totalling $105,761.81 in fines.

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Woman Dies After Injecting Her Face With Hot Beef Fat

TO Homewood, Chicago, where Janet Hardt, 63, is dead. Police says she died as a result of injecting hot beef fat into her face.

It is thought that he had enacted this procedure many times before, injecting the hot beef fat into her mouth and chin. A source tells the Chicago Sun Times that Hardt complained of a burning sensation. She went to the hospital. She later died.

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Marilyn Monroe Statue Is World’s Biggest Upskirt Photo Op

A BIG 26-foot-tall sculpture of Marilyn Monroe, in her most famous wind-blown pose, now stands on Michigan Ave in Chicago.

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Prostitute Murders Client For Having Herpes

ASHLEY Nicole Steele, 21, is the Chicago-based prostitute who shot and killed Derrick Gray, 40, because she thought he had herpes.

We join the action as Steele arrives at Gray’s home for sex. The pair enter a bedroom. They hear a knocking at the front door. Gray gets up and goes to investigate.

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Man Gets Revenge On Woman Who Stole Snow Shovel: Video

WHEN David Welles’s snow shovel was stolen, he got his revenge. And because he’s a technical wizard with cameras all over his house, he was able to film it.

Said he:

“It took the woman four hours to brush the snow off her car on Friday morning. It felt good, I’m not going to lie to you.”

Spotter: “Chicago Tribune

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Global Warming Makes 2016 Last Olympic Games

obama-officeCHICAGO wants to host the 2016 Olympic Games – Obama’s Chicago. Obama is in Denmark to lobby for Chicago. But news from Tokyo Al Goreans is that the 2016 will be the last Olympics:

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara warned on Wednesday the 2016 Olympics could be the last Games, with global warming an immediate threat to mankind.

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Ahmadinejad Voted For Mousavi And Iran Twinned With Chicago

ahmadinejads-friendsMAHMOUD Ahmadinejad is President of Iran and all the Irans. The press goes bonkers. It’s a fix, right? Right? Right!

So fair is Ahmadinejad that even he voted For Mousavi.

But do not panic – Iran is to be twinned with Chicago. See, we’re not all that different.

Iran’s ex-Foreign Minister in an interview with The Nation’s Robert Dreyfuss:

A coup d’etat? They’ve already made one! They’ve created a dictatorship, in fact. Do you know that last night the security forces occupied the offices of many newspapers, to make sure that their reporting on the election was favorable? They changed many headlines.

They fixed the election.

The Guards are taking over everything, including many economic institutions. The ministry of the interior is increasing its control in all the provinces.

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The 14 Most Bizarre Tea Party Signs

HEREUNDER are the 14 Most Bizarre Tea Party Protest signs. Do look at them all – and be awed…

The brownest thing – apart from all that bull****.

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Husband Of Woman Charged With Child Murder Complains About Police Mugshot

IN Chicago, Nour Hadid faces a first-degree murder charge following the beating death of her two-year-old niece. But her husband Alaeddin says a worse crime has been committe.

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Osama’s Hair Salon Becomes Obama’s

ANORAK’s man in the US, sends news of the hair salon formerly known as Osama’s and now called Obama’s:

Obama’s Hair Design

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Jennifer Hudson Builds Her On BackUp

JENNIFER Hudson’s family are grieving in Chicago. Julian King is dead.

But it could have been different. Soem see pain and blood. Others see a marketing opportunity. In the Chicago Tribune:

Could a bedside shotgun rack have saved jennifer hudson’s family from tragic death?

Well, it makes for a pretty handy self-defence weapon once you’ve unscrewed it from the wall…

Chicago, IL (MMD Newswire) October 28, 2008 — Tragedy strikes in a Chicago home leaving 3 people dead and an Oscar winner forced to identify the bodies of her family.

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Chicago Teachers’ Union For Excellence

THE Chicago Teacher’s Union champions excelelnce, sorta…

Well, if they cant be bothered…

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