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Chicken McNugget rage video: customer threatens to eat waitress’s face and ‘shit it out into the gutter’

mcnuggets rage

I LIKE Chicken McNuggets. You like Chicken McNuggets. This woman loves chicken McNuggets. But, then, she also likes eating the fast food worker’s face and “****ing it out into the gutter”. After I while, I guess your tastebuds just die:

Other key utterances not on the menu:

“I’m gonna eat your ***ing face and I’m gonna digest it, and shit it out into the gutter”

“Don’t make me assume my ultimate form”

“I’ll do more than just ****ing hiss at you”

“…you fat meatbag, I will end you”

“I want my ****ing nuggets”

“You want a piece of me”

(No. I want 20 pieces with sauce on the side)

“I will get my super sayan”

Posted: 16th, July 2013 | In: The Consumer | Comment