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Chicken Saves Dog From Drowning

WHEN Nutty the eight-week-old Jack Russell puppy fell into the garden pond, John Greene from Greystones, Co Wicklow, brought him back to life with a kiss.

Man kisses dog, would be a news item itself. But this one has more. The 42-year-old Irishman was alerted to the exhausted animal sinking to the bottom of the pond when chickens he keeps in his backyard kicked up a commotion. Lassie… Flipper…Skipper…

What that, Feathers?

Scene 1: The Pond

Feathers: Bock,bock,bock,bock,bock,begowwwwk

Nutty’s stuck in the pond and he’s gonna drown?!

Feathers: Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak!!!

Moments later Nutty is saved. To build up his strength, the pooch is served a hearty chicken supper.

Scene 2: Dinner

Thanks Feather.

Feathesr: Sizzle.

Posted: 16th, February 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment