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Dear Ashley: A School Lunchbox Love Letter

THIS love letter was found in a box of primary school projects.

love letter primary school

Spotter: Reddit

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Who’s afraid of adults? Drunk and depressed children listening to their therapist

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TWO stories in today’s papers stand out:

The Times leads with news that Under 11s are getting drunk and seeking treatment in A&E departments.

Hundreds of primary-school age children were admitted to accident and emergency departments for alcohol-related problems last year, it has been revealed. The 293 admissions, up by a third on 2011, came after a year in which more than 6,500 under-18s were taken to hospital as a consequence of drinking.

What about drugs?

The numbers, which were obtained through a freedom of information request, also found that 145 children under 11 were admitted to A&E with drug-related conditions, up by 14 per cent on the previous year.

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Mothers are all swear-filled monsters: kids repeat the most horrible things (video)


MOTHERS are such paragons of virtue aren’t they? They say things like: “Well, if you were a mother yourself, you’d understand.” They all say a shitload of swear words, echoing down their little offspring’s earholes.

Jimmy Kimmel, having heard about sweary moms, decided to test this out and sent a camera crew out to ask America’s children about the worst words their mothers have used when they’re angry.

This all comes on the back of a report that suggests women are more likely to indulge in a bit of road rage than men.

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The 22 greatest vintage guns for kids adverts

WHEN did you lean to like guns? As Lileks says:

I’m not saying it’s the be-all / end-all of ideological tests, but you can tell a lot about a person by their reaction to these ads. That was then, to understate the case. Nowadays we’ve done away with these dangerous violent antisocial pseudo-guns, and replaced them with merry-makers like Nerf guns and Supersoakers and other items whose makers encourage you to point them at your friends.

If a Nerf gun more likely to appeal to a nascent serial killer than a Daisy? What about a victual gun on Tour of Duty? There will be studies:


comic book guns 21


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Beware the 15%: child-proof product of the day

PRODUCT of the day: The lighter with a warning. Beware the 15%!


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Hunter Denies Eating A Donut: Sugary Lips Cost Treats

HAS Hunter been eating a donut? Mum says yes. Hunter’s lips say nooooooo.

Mum records the evidence to use in future criminal profiling cases:

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Are Definitely, Definitely Going To Get Married, Right?

That’s right! A big ol’ wedding for the couple and their thousand adopted children to attend!

How thrilling. No really.

And it appears that it will be happening soon, with a wedding set to take place within the next few months. And that’s according to three separate utterly unreliable sources.

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Peter Andre Didn’t Hump Elen Rivas While His Children Watched

PETER Andre is a modern day saint. Think about it. He had sexual relations with Katie Price so no-one else had to. He really took one for the team while Jordan fell on the metaphorical sword.

Of course, Price went off with Alex Reid, attracted to his womanly frame and the fact that he was so dumb that he couldn’t spot that he was nothing more than bait to make Peter Andre jealous. This saw Andre crying on Sky News at the hands of the monster that is Kay Burley.

Then, secretly, Pete started going out with Elen Rivas. Sadly for him, everyone had kinda guessed it already.

About the fact he was keeping this relationship a secret, Andre says:

“I never let them see Elen and I in bed together, not ever.”

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Israeli Prime Minister Hates Justin Bieber Or Something

JUSTIN Bieber has slowly been revealing himself as a little superbrat. An impressive feat seeing as he’s only a matter of minutes old, still dripping in amniotic juices and placental gunk.

Rumour has it that, despite not having grown a proper set of finger nails yet, the pint sized popstar is already cheating on his celebrity girlfriend, Selena Gomez, and has been caught flipping the bird at the paparazzi after they took his picture repeatedly (not that he likes the attention and the riches and privilege that comes with being someone in the public consciousness constantly).

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The 14 Most Bizarre Tea Party Signs

HEREUNDER are the 14 Most Bizarre Tea Party Protest signs. Do look at them all – and be awed…

The brownest thing – apart from all that bull****.

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