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10 Reasons Why X Factor’s Chloe Heald, Aka Chloe Mafia, Is The New Cheryl Cole: Photos

CHLOE Mafia, nee Chloe Victoria Heald, sings half a song on the X Factor and makes a giant stride to becoming the next Cheryl Cole and the nation’s sweetheart. The Mirror is right behind Chloe’s bid for stardom, making her front-page news two days running. Stitch that Cheryl!

Let’s see how the two women compare:

Cheryl is said to be dating Derek Hough
Chloe has dated Ian Hough

Cheryl has fake hair
Chloe has fake hair

Cheryl has a tattoo around her neck
Chloe has a tattoo around her navel

Criminal Record:
Cheryl once punched a toilet worker in the face
Chloe has been nicked 140 times for this and that

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Posted: 22nd, September 2010 | In: Celebrities, Key Posts, TV & Radio | Comment