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Britain’s Got Talent: Olivia Archbold In Angels, Pictures And Video

OLIVIA Archbold is the year’s big new singing sensation on Britain’s Got Talent. Olivia sings a song about angles. Olivia is not pragmatic. Olivia is 14. Olivia has a brace – so look out for tales of bullying and angst.

Sheesh – these shows make you cynical. But Olivia can sing.

She’s “shy” and “humble” says Piers Morgan. And if he can’t spot shy and humble who can? Simon Cowell’s second eyelids flicker yellow.

Look out for Olivia being hyped and pitied and hyped and pitied some more. She’s the new Susan Boyle. Hell, she’s the new Chloe Hickinbottom…

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Britain’s Got Talent Is For Mum And Dad’s Dead Ambitions

BRITAIN’S Got Talent was once a simple contest. Monarchists vied to perform for the Queen. And we tuned in. Then Susan Boyle failed to win and everyone wanted to be like her and, er, not win the show. The latest talent to wear the mantle of “Boyle Wannabe” is
Chloe Hickinbottom.

Boyle. Hinkinsbottom. When Ivor Catheter get t he guts to sing, we’ll have a Dickensian Gang Show.

Having crooned and warbled her way through White Cliffs of Dover, the song made famous by Vera Lynn, and thereby secured the granny vote, Hinkinbottom says:

“Now I’ve got through I can show off my voice more… I’d really like to be a professional singer like Mariah Carey or Susan Boyle.”

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Britain’s Got Talent: Before Hyping Chloe Hickinbottom Let’s Destroy Susan Boyle

THE fourth series of Britain’s Got Talent is upon us. Along with Harry Hill’s TV Burp and Curb Your Enthusiasm, it’s the best show on the box. But before the show, and ten-year-old Chloe Hickinbottom who croons Vera Lynn’s White Cliffs Of Dover, here’s a chance to cast more aspersions on the mental wellbeing of last year’s runner up Susan Boyle.

The media’s aim is to create a cautionary tale on the perils of fame. The media will build Boyle into a crescendo of pain.

The Express leads with news of “fears” for Boyle. The Sun also tells of “FEARS for SUSAN BOYLE’s fragile mental health”.

‘Emotional’ Susan Boyle ‘Enchanted’ By Man At Nice Airport
The Media Manipulates Images To Make Susan Boyle Look Weak Minded
Susan Boyle In Airport Rampage

SuBo was due to perform at the Logie Awards in Australia. But she pulled out “without explanation”. No word on why, then. So, let’s guess.

She has been plagued by problems since she came second in Britain’s Got Talent last year.

Problems such as being a hit and making lots of money?

The last time she was in the first class lounge she put on a weird show – polishing shoes and dancing with a mop at Heathrow airport in January. The land of the didgeridoo may have proved too tempting for the lass’s strange shenanigans.

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