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Chloe Mafia Photos: Nation’s Sweetheart Wows X Factor

CHLOE Mafia: Anorak’s look at the X Factor star – the new nation’s sweetheart – in the news. Chloe – aka Chloe Victoria Heald – is the Wakefield beauty, mother to a child called Destiny, former lover to The Hough and not a “dirty slut” prostitute called Candy, as she says.

10 Reasons Why X Factor’s Chloe Heald, Aka Chloe Mafia, Is The New Cheryl Cole: Photos

Although the Star persists in calling her a £250-an-hour brass and Gawker says: “This Teen Prostitute May Be the Trashiest Reality Star Ever.”

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Posted: 25th, September 2010 | In: TV & Radio | Comment