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TOWIE star Chloe Sims in Haribo horror: Jelly Bears attack leads to headache

WE are told what kind of Haribo sweets was allegedly tossed at Chloe Sims, the TOWIE strumpet with the looks of a young Freddie Mercury. Jelly Bears. Two of them. The alleged incident is said to have occurred at Hannah Kahn’s 13th birthday party. The Sun reports that Sims, 31, had been paid £3,000 to be the guest of honour at do. Reportedly, Sims was struck on the head and breasts by the 1cm soft-shell sweeties. She left with a “headache“. The Sun says Sims “considered calling cops to the party”.

Claims are that Sims never bothered to say goodbye to the birthday girl.

Was Sims put out that the Haribo was not a Starmix, Heart Throb or Heart Ring, the latter being lobbed by a wealthy footballer? What does the Jelly Teddy signify? And it is worse than a Sour Cherry?


Posted: 16th, February 2013 | In: Celebrities | Comment