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Chris Stewart: Republican congressman tells of End of Times and Saudi King as ‘pawn of Lucifer’

MEET Chris Stewart, a Republican and a US congressman. He’s former Air Force pilot and a best-selling author. He used to fly the B-1B bomber. He says the USA is a “nation built upon the back of miracles“.

A July article in Roll Call (“The Newspaper of Capitol Hill”) profiles Chris Stewart, who will be a Congressman from Utah from November:

Stewart… is a conservative Republican who surprised political observers by winning Utah’s 2nd district nominating convention with more than 60 percent of the vote, thereby avoiding a primary.

…While in the USAF, he started writing, and his list of books includes a Latter Day Saints-like version of Tim LaHaye’s and Jerry B. Jenkins’ apocalyptic Christian fiction series “Left Behind,” as well as historical novels.

Stewart’s website notes that his latest book, “The Miracle of Freedom: Seven Tipping Points that Saved the World,” was a New York Times bestseller. Conservative media personality Glenn Beck praised the book, which might explain its popularity.

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Posted: 20th, August 2012 | In: Politicians | Comment