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Dorset shops bans ‘foreingers’ (anyone who lives 30 miles or more away)


TO Dorset, where Mark Galpin, owner of the Aladdin’s Cave shop in Christchurch has banned tourists from entering.

Mr Galpin displays “clear and polite” signs outside the shop banning anyone living further than a 30-mile radius of the store. His shop is close to a bus depot, and he says the tourists waiting for a ride walk in and kill time. They don’t buy. 

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Christchurch Earthquake Site Blames Gays And Lesbians For Act Of God

IF you’re not making money from the New Zealand earthquake, you might be making a point that the natural disaster was triggered by lesbian and gays.

The site “Christchurch Earthquake – No More Poofter & Lesbian Festivals” is hosted in Orem in Utah. It’s hosted by Bluehost in Provo. Utah.

The site blames Gay Ski Week NZ for the deaths of tens of people and hundreds of lives made worse.

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