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FundaMENTAL Christian Shouts At Obama

YES! Politics! Don’t worry, it’s not too political. This is an article about mental people. Mental religious people specifically. Mental religious people in LA no less! Perfect.

Anyway, at a fundraiser in Los Angeles, Prez Obama was playing it cool to a bunch of supporters when the jovial atmosphere was cut in two when some nutjob started howling “one true Christian God!”, followed by the lovely “antichrist” jibe that’s been thrown Barry’s way on countless occasions.

It seems odd that the openly Christian Obama should get chided with accusations of being the antichrist, but hey ho, that’s fundamentalist American Christians for you.

The Christian man shouts:

“The Christian God is one and only true living God! The creator of heaven and the universe! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is still our God! Jesus Christ is still God! You are the Antichrist!”

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Nadine Dorries Castrates The Recess Monkey

NADINE Dorries, the Christian fundamentalist in white, is on the hunt for a blogger. Run, Recess Monkey, Run:

Apart from the other 100 people in the room. Nadine Dorries is going to stop blogging. She said earlier that if she meets a nameless other blogger – /present in Brum today/, as I breeze shot with him – ‘he will father no children, I tell you’.

Nadine is the woman in white…

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The Biggest Boobs In Westminster: Jacqui Smith’s Knockers

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