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Elen Rivas And Christine Bleakley row about Frank Lampard’s kids on twitter

CHELSEA player Frank Lampard is at the centre of a twitter spat between Elen Rivas, his ex fiancée and mother to his two daughters, and shiny TV presenter Christine Bleakley.

Rivas has used the privacy of twitter to accuse Bleakely, now engaged to Lampard, of “trying to stop his children from speaking to their mother over Christmas”. Rivas says this is “sad“.

From her holiday retreat in India, Rivas, apparently, wanted to get in touch with her daughters, six-year-old (Over La)  Luna and Isla, aged four, on Christmas Eve. She snipes:

”You would have thought the girlfriend would have a little maternal understanding…”

Bleakley rises above it by, er, retweeting a tweet from a pal of hers called Jill Morgan:

“Looks like someone is up to their old tricks again, telling lies!! Have an amazing Xmas @clbleakley with frank & the girls! C u nxt wk xxxx.”

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Closer Magazine Are Having A Baby With Christine Bleakley

SINCE babies are already taking over the world I was interested to read Katie Banks’s article in Closer magazine this week. I think Katie’s got herself a little flustered here and has disappeared into the pink playpen she keeps under her desk because reading her go on and on about Christine Bleakley wanting a baby made me realize that every girl eventually outgrows her Care Bear collection.

It was real nice of Katie to clear up a piece of obvious the size of Vanessa Feltz when she tells us that Christine is thinking about having babies with fiancee Frank Lampard.

Katie goes on to say that once Christina has unattached Frank’s umbilical cord from his b-hole then Frank will want to have babies every morning.

“He’d have babies in the morning”

(Via: Christine Bleakley / Closer magazine)

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Daybreak Replaces Adrian Chiles And Christine Bleakley With Toby Jug And Plate Of Beans

SAD news for the country’s Daybreak fan: Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles have been sacked from presenting the ITV morning show.

This is Chiles, the former BBC presenter of business and then sport who got into the mood while covering the Beijing Olympics by attempting a forward roll in his hotel room. He “executed it”. This was presenting from the Stanislavski school. Morning telly fans expected to see Chiles lumbering into the shower as he presented a segment on cooking with seaweed and up to his chin in a plate of eggs, bacon and black pudding as he chaired a studio debate on why World War 2 tyrants favoured a front crease in their trousers.

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Frank Lampard And Christine Bleakley To Host Sofa-Based TV Chat Show

FRANK Lampard and glistening Christine Bleakley are engaged. We looked on as Frank brought his pink T-shirt and future wife through Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport after returning from Los Angeles.

You see, readers, Frank is not always kissing the badge on his Chelsea top. He is sometimes kissing the vapid Bleakely. She and others, like Kate Garraway and the teeth-melting Fiona Philips, have proven that anyone with a mouth and arse can present a sofa-based telly show.

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Christine Bleakley’s Bikini Gives World Cup Relief

MORE happy news from the England post-World Cup training camp where a blessedly early exit from the tournament has allowed the Star to lead with pictures of Frank Lampard’s bikini-clad WAG Christine Bleakley for two days running.

England have beaten the Germans to the sunbeds. And Star readers get to see Bleakley and Lamps “having a ball”. But mostly they get to see Christine in her bikini.

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The One Show: Adrian Chiles Gags, Lenny Henry Kills And Cilla Black Noshes George Harrison’s Avocado

ADRIAN Chiles is the moribund, miserable face of the ITV World Cup output. But he used to be on The One Show – as ghastly as it sounds –with Christine Bleakley listening to Cilla Black saying “George Harrison introduced me to Avocado” and Lenny Henry killing more than just jokes – people, people: he killed people.

We are, of course, only joking. Our pal Casetteboy has pulled together a compilation video of Chiles’s The One Show best bits. He should use it as his showreel. The video makes Chiles look interesting, edgy and funny. TV can lie. And it can lie very well…

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In Pictures: Frank Lampard Inspires Christine Bleakley To ‘Jetski’ Across Channel For Sports Relief

BBC TeeVee’s Christine Bleakley has waterskied from Britain to France. She went 22 miles across The English Channel in one hour 40 minutes. She fell 8 times.

The Daily Mail speaks for all news media when it says:

Joy: Christine Bleakley punches the air after making it across The English Channel in just one hour 40 minutes this morning on a jetski

Waterski. Jetski. Whatever. What we want to know is did dating Frank Lampard keep you going? Well, Christine, did it?

“It was really tough though the water was freezing and having to get up after every fall was exhausting.”

Yadda-yadda-yadda. And Frank. You were thinking of Frank all the time?

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me along the way, it really kept me going out there.”

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