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Man Has Sex With Great Dane Called Christine Brinkley

ARMAND M. Pacher, 64, is in a Miami-Dade jail accused of having sex with dog called Christine Brinkley.

The dog is a Great Dane.

He is charged with animal cruelty. And his crime came to light when he was talking with a vet about the uptown girl:

She doesn’t seem to enjoy it as much when we have sex. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been as energetic lately and that’s why she’s not enjoying it.”

Says his lawyer a – get his – Mr Weiner:

“I’m quite familiar with the evidence that exists, and I’m really disappointed that Aventura police would make an arrest based on unsupported evidence and conclusions. I expect my client will be full vindicated.”

Old Mr Anorak’s in-house pet, a ferret called Margaret Rutherford, looks sanguine..

Posted: 20th, July 2010 | In: Strange But True | Comment