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5 Unforgivably Awful Christmas Songs

homer jethro

THERE have been so many awful, bowel shaking Christmas songs over the years, it’s hard to narrow them down.  The number of holiday polka tracks alone is terrifying.  So, let’s take it slow.  Here are five from the bottom of the barrel – proceed at your own risk.


“Trim Your Tree” by Jimmy Butler (1954)

“I’m gonna bring along my hatchet,
My beautiful Christmas balls,
I’ll sprinkle my snow all on your tree,
Hang a mistletoe on your walls.”

I’m all for playful wordplay, but the imagery ol’ Jimmy is conjuring up is a tad graphic for holiday music.  Call me a prude, but I could do without the mental image of Mr. Butler sprinkling his snow. I’m just funny that way.

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5 Funky Black Yuletide Grooves

funky christmas


LET’S face facts: Christmas in 1960s and 70s pop culture was presented as lily white as the wind-driven snow. Holiday specials consisted of lots of smiling Caucasians in festive sweaters singing their little hearts out. Most Christmas tunes on the radio were tailor made for the likes of Pat Boone and Andy Williams – two individuals who I believe legally patented the term “white bread”. I mean, I like Perry Como as much as the next guy, but sometimes it’s nice to funk things up with a little afro-centric vibe (and, no, Johnny Mathis does not count).

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Xmas Classics: Jan Terri sings ‘Excuse My Christmas’

THE 1970s were the golden age of the Chrismas hit. But Jan Terri is here to make the 21st Century rock with her “comeback hit” Excuse My Christmas:



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Christmas Lights special: Santa sees you when you are sleeping…

IN this Christmas lights special we realise that the song is true – Santa DOES see you when you are sleeping…

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Majela ZeZe Diamond Sings This Year’s Christmas Hit

MAJELA ZeZe Diamondwill now tells us in song Father Christmas F*cked My Pussy.

This is the (Christmas pussy song). All other Christmas pussy songs are fakes.

We don’t know if she kissed Santa. But she most likely knows someone who has…

spotter: D-listed

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