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‘Slick’ Chuka Umunna reinvents himself as indecisive and insecure

When Chuka Umunna annunced his decsiosn to stand as Labour leader, he adressed the electorate with his video:



Celebrated and attacked for his ‘slickness’, Umanna had announced his ambitions with all the finesse of a 1970s corporate training video. It was a character recalibration up there with Ed Miliband cutting a glass while chanting ‘seven sizzling sausages simmering slowly’ in diction Brian Sewell would consider ‘intimidating’.

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Posted: 16th, May 2015 | In: Politicians, Reviews | Comment

Chuka Umunna’s Joke Of The Day

SAYS Labour MP of the moment Chuka Umunna:

“We’ve had enough of people going into politics for self-aggrandisement.”

What other reason does anyone go into politics for?

Posted: 28th, February 2011 | In: Politicians | Comment